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New Music – Young Rising Sons, Marlé, Celeste Waite

New acts from New Jersey, Dublin and London for you to check out

Young Rising Sons

Thu, Aug 14, 2014, 09:41


Here are the latest New Music selections from the On The Record column in tomorrow’s edition of The Ticket. Please feel free to share tips below or check out all past New Music selections here.

Young Rising Sons

From Red Bank, New Jersey, Young Rising Sons are hitting all the right spots with “High”, a track destined to be overplayed on your favourite pop station once they get hold of it. Big chorus, infectious whistling and strong harmonies make for one of those indie crossovers. The other tracks on their debut EP, especially “King of the World”, are just as meaty.


Dubliner Maria Ohle is a singer-songwriter with some interesting songs packed into her arsenal. The tracks from her forthcoming EPs are given a lift by her striking, soulful voice with “Trouble” and “No Pain” (as featured in the RTE No Limbs, No Limits documentary) in particular deserving some attention.

Celeste Waite

19 year old London-based, Californian-born singer moves into the limelight with “Born Again”. Produced by north London dude Tev’n (check out his “Solitude” mixtape from last year), “Born Again” is a striking blast of soulful, seductive vocals backed by a ghostly electronic r’n’b groove.