1922: Civil War

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1921: Truce & Treaty

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1920: War of Independence

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The Revolution Files

1919: War & Peace

1918: Empires Fall Nations Rise

The Western Front

The Somme


Dragons Stirring

Never Such Innocence Again

Too Much to Hope

World War One

1913: Lockout

Stories from the Revolution

Women and the Vote

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Women’s work
Women often wielded authority at home 100 years ago, but as public figures in professions such as teaching and nursing they were becoming much more common.
Read all about it: writing wrongs
Read all about it: writing wrongs
Read all about it:  Research on Irish feminism often concentrates on the pursuit of votes, but there were other issues and many debates within the movement which can be better understood by reading its ‘Irish Citizen’ newspaper.
Tooth and Claw
Tooth and Claw
Prison hunger strikes: Some Irish suffragists moved to militancy a little after their English counterparts, but when they d, the stones flew.

Home Rule & Ulster's Resistance