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Total Seats? 650

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party_name party_code party_seats
Conservative Cons 368
Labour Lab 191
Liberal Democrats LD 13
Scottish National Party SNP 55
Plaid Cymru PC 3
Green Party GP 1
Others OTH 19
“At the end of the day it is about encouraging people to be more active” Fitbit 3

Many companies are now looking at new ways to encourage employees to keep active and connected, explains Aideen O’Colmain, Corporate Wellness director EMEA at Fitbit

Sponsored by Fitbit
‘Well patients’ billed €1,600 in effort to move them on from hospitals Some 107 new beds promised by Minister for Health Simon Harris earlier this week will not become available until mid-January, said HSE officials.

Health body says 705 delayed transfer of care cases recorded in facilities last week

Mental health: we’re failing our young people Levels of anxiety and depression among adolescents are higher now than they were during the recession. Photograph: iStock

With levels of anxiety and depression increasing among adolescents, we should be as exercised about mental-health services for the young as we are about people on hospital trollies

Is the Government’s Stem education policy working? Forty three per cent of all higher-level Stem sittings are by female students, an increase of two percentage points in the past five years. Photograph: iStock

While more students are taking science subjects for Leaving Cert, a substantial increase in the number of Stem graduates is needed to fill skills shortages

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