Let’s talk about interest rates: How high and how fast will they rise? Interest rates on the US and UK have started to rise and it is only a matter of time before the ECB follows suit. Image: Irish Times Graphics

Smart Money: ECB will start to raise rates in 2019. What will this mean for mortgage borrowers?

Future fit: why focus matters in a world of fast-paced change At a time when we experience more distractions than ever in our day-to-day life, focus is a really important part of maintaining clarity of thought

Leaders who focus on wellness display the bravery to innovate, says Danica Murphy, an expert in facilitation, coaching and team development

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Seán Cox attack: Roma supporter jailed for three years Seán Cox (53), from Co Meath, suffered a severe, traumatic brain injury in the attack outside Anfield.

Filippo Lombardi cleared of inflicting grievous bodily harm on Irish Liverpool fan in April

Financial services sector needs to amplify its voice PwC

More than 250 of the world’s largest financial services players are in Ireland, as well as half of the world’s top 50 banks

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