Building inclusion: 'My manager supports me coming in later because of my volunteering' Employees feeling comfortable and open in the workplace is something Sullivan is very passionate about. Photograph: iStock

Diversity, inclusion, and flexibility in the workplace have helped Jason Sullivan succeed at Pfizer

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Without consent: Five women who had gynaecological work to be contacted St Luke’s Hospital, Kilkenny. Once the issue became known, the hospital stopped the tests, seized the equipment and informed the patients.

Patients to be briefed on contents of report before it is published

FAI hands out punishments for 12 alleged assaults on match officials Harry McCann: giving up his role as a referee because of the abuse and violent threats he has received. Photograph: James Forde

Referees’ society condemns ‘epidemic’ of poor treatment of match officials

The Story of Home: A bolt from the blue Lisa Marconi wholeheartedly believes a home should reflect your personality and your true self as well as where you are at that point in your life. Photographs: Conor Mulhern

In this video we return to our award-winning series with Ulster Bank, and visit the rock-inspired home of interior designer Lisa Marconi

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