Total doses given 7,049,574
At least one dose 92.2%
Fully vaccinated 90%
Getting the Irish aviation industry airborne again Passenger numbers are still down, but to between 46 per cent and 49 per cent of 2019 figures, so it is improving. Photograph: Getty Images

Airlines’ recovery as we emerge from crisis will depend on their original financial health

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Covid: 1,154 more cases as Hiqa advises caution on antigen tests Antigen tests are cheaper and faster than the standard PCR tests for detecting Covid-19, but Irish public health officials have repeatedly questioned their accuracy and utility in the pandemic. Photograph: Laura Hutton/The Irish Times

No change to mask rules for schools as Hiqa says it is ‘premature’ to consider removing requirements

My Covid commute: ‘I have decided the Dart is not worth the risk’ Capacity on trains and buses are now at 100 per cent after Covid rules were eased. Photograph: iStock

Readers on returning to work: ‘I am looking for a job that facilitates working from home’

Companies look to ‘newskill’ as they build better in the decade of delivery ‘ESG is going to be something you hear a lot more about across every sector,’ says Accenture Ireland strategy lead Karen O’Regan. Photograph: Getty Images

Accenture research shows that consumers expect companies to invest in longer-term, sustainable and fair solutions in the post-pandemic world

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