Doctors remain central protagonists in State’s reproductive health history Mothers chatting at the entrance to a tenement building in Dublin, circa 1945. The contraceptive pill arrived in Ireland in 1963, however contraception was not legalised here until 1980 Photograph: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

President signed Bill repealing Eighth into law, but it will be doctors implementing it in a clinical setting

Cruise on land and sea - the best of both worlds Cruise ships pass Santorini Island in Greece

Jetline Cruise’s entry to the Irish market brings a world of choice to your holiday destination

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Conor Pope: Bullying was, if not actively encouraged, not tackled at school School rules: frivolous subjects like music and art were eschewed in favour of Latin. Photograph: iStock

The threat of mindless violence was never far away in the institutions of old

Why are business decisions so difficult? Because they’re made by people IMI

An ability to navigate complex decisions is one of the most valuable weapons in any leader’s arsenal, but it’s not always a natural skill

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