Get Running


Everyone is a runner once they start, so why not sign up to one of our courses and make it happen?

Choose the right eight-week plan for you and let Mary Jennings, founder and running coach with, guide you every step of the way.

  • The Beginner plan is an eight-week course that will take you from your couch to being able to run at least 30 minutes or 5km non-stop.

  • The Stay on Track plan is an eight-week course for those who can squeeze in a 30-minute run three times a week, but need a kick-start to get going.

  • The Advanced plan is an eight-week course designed for those who can comfortably run for 30 minutes and want to move up to the 10km mark.

Disclaimer: Running is a strenuous activity and is not without risk. Before embarking on this or any other exercise programme you should consult with your doctor. By participating in the programme you acknowledge that The Irish Times, Forget The Gym or their agents cannot be held liable for any injuries or other problems that may occur as a result.