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The playlist – the tunes of the week at OTR HQ

Including Kendra Foster, Sean Rowe, Priests, Jeff Russo, Julie Byrne, Metallica, Bearson, Clang Synye and many more

Julie Byrne. Photo: Jonathan Bouknight

Fri, Nov 25, 2016, 09:01


Julie Byrne “Natural Blue” (Bada Bing)

Chalk down the New York-based singer on your acts-to-watch-in-2017 list. A beguiling, powerful track from forthcoming second album “Not Even Happiness”.

Priests “JJ” (Sister Polygon)

Punk rock with grit and glee from the Washington DC band’s forthcoming album “Nothing Feels Natural”

Kendra Foster “Kendra Foster” (Ear Kandy)

After star turns on work by D’Angelo (she was one of the prime movers on “Black Messiah”), George Clinton, Mark Ronson and many more, the Tallahassee, Florida singer’s debut solo is a powerful rub of jazzy, funky, soulful magnificence. Get lost in the music.

Clang Synye “Curse You, Mocking Moon” (Self release)

From forthcoming album “The Round Soul of the World”, the band fronted by Wexford woman Laura Hyland heads for the interesting side of the road with a track full of freestyle guile, wonky pop spirit and avant-everything experimental folk-jazz moxie.

Sean Rowe “To Leave Something Behind” (Anti)

From the soundtrack to The Accountant, a song which showcases the New York singer’s mighty baritone voice and cool, classy, timeless songcraft.

Wallace “Negroni Eyes” (Self release)

One of the best tunes we came across in 2015 still sounds mighty fresh as 2016 winds to a close.

Jeff Russo “The Night Of” (Lakeshore)

The theme tune to one of the best TV shows of the year, the one written by Richard Price and Steven Zaillian and featuring a star turn from John Turturro as low-rent defence lawyer John Stone.

Metallica “Spit Out the Bone” (Blackened)

Bearson “One Step At A Time” (Ultra)

Sweet as a nut groove from the Norwegian producer with vocals from Natalola

Various “New Orleans Funk 4: Voodoo Fire In New Orleans 1951-75″ (Soul Jazz)

Putting the funk in the gumbo with a boss set of Crescent City boom tunes including tracks from Eddie Bo, Clifton Chenier, James K-Nine, David Robinson, James Waynes (“Junco Partner” below) and many more. The soundtrack for your Friday night fish fry