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HWCH Q&A: Exploding Eyes

The word on being in a band in 2016 from Exploding Eyes’ Al Dodd

Exploding Eyes

Wed, Oct 5, 2016, 14:00


Our series of interviews with acts playing the Hard Working Class Heroes festival and convention this week continues with Al Dodd from Exploding Eyes. Catch Exploding Eyes at The Hub on Friday night at 8.50pm

If you were to point an Irish Times reader to the best example of your work, what would it be and why?

“I guess our video for a first single “We Need Love”. It’s the first track taken from our debut album and is a good example of what to expect from the record. We’re also really pleased with the video which was done by our mate Chris Carroll from Twinkranes.”

Why did you get involved with making music in the first place? Has it lived up to expectations?

“Just for the love of it really. It was the only thing that got through to me as a teenager. I still love it so yeah.”

What was your experience of music at school and in the education system?

“I started playing in bands pretty early on in secondary school and lost whatever interest I had in the education system. I did music which kept me interested and I also liked English as I could write stories and use my imagination a bit. Both of these classes had good teachers which makes a difference. I also got to play guitar a bit in music class which was good.”

What’s the best piece of advice you got when you were starting out on this path?

“Stay true to what you’re into and the type of music that you want to make.”

What advice would you give to other bands or those who want to be in a band or make music?

“Do it because it’s what you want to do and no other reason, and be prepared for a few upsets here and there.”

Your favourite Irish venue to play and why?

“The Workman’s is cool. Good space, good sound.”

Do you still have to do other stuff to make a living? If so, what stuff? Does this frustrate you?

“Yes I have to work to pay the bills and live. I work in an office. It can be frustrating yeah as it’s extremely boring, but it’s a means to an end and once I’m still in the band and can make music I stay sane.”

Who was the last Irish act you saw and where/when?

“We played with The Sunshine Factory in Kilkenny last weekend. Cool band and sound lads.”

If you’d one piece of advice for Heather Humphries, the minister for arts, about support for Irish music and musicians, what would it be?

“I suppose with the new draft on policy for culture that has been published, it would be to not forget that Ireland has an alternative music scene that could do with stronger attention.”

Aside from your upcoming show at HWCH, what else are you working on at present?

“We have our first album coming out in November on Big Neck Records and will be doing gigs to support that. We’re also currently working on our second album for release next year.”