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Recent interviews with Ciaran Lavery, Fantastic Negrito, Christine & The Queens, Overhead, The Albatross and Shit Robot

Christine & The Queens' Héloïse Letissier

Wed, Jun 8, 2016, 09:51


One of the albums which is getting a lot of plays around these parts is “Let Bad In” from Aghagallon dude Ciaran Lavery. Here’s the interview with the Co Armagh singer-songwriter where he talks about how the rediscovery of a family holiday video tape influenced a lot of the flow and the drift on the new album. He plays Sea Sessions later this month.

Like most interviewers, I’m a sucker for an interviewee with great yarns and colourful anecdotes – and tt’s fair to say that Xavier Dphrepaulezz covers all those bases. The man known as Fantastic Negrito has just released his debut album “The Last Days Of Oakland” and he spoke about everything from car crashes and flop debut albums to life in Oakland, an alternative career as a marijuana farmer and the blues when we spoke.

One of the music TV moments of 2016 to date was Christine & The Queens’ appearance on Later… With Jools Holland. Of course, those of us who’ve been watching the evolution of Héloïse Letissier as a performer over the last few years know she’s capable of this and much, much more. Here’s the interview with Letissier with discussions on gender, alter-egos, changing bodies, risk and language.

This is without a doubt the most grammatically) controversial interview of the year. Overhead, The Albatross (comma and capital T in place) released their thumping debut album “Learning To Growl” last month and I spoke to the band’s Vinny Casey and Joe Panama about punctuation, pedants and post-rock. Catch them at the Castlepalooza and Knockanstockan festivals next month and also at Dublin’s Vicar Street on December 9.

The arrival of a new Shit Robot album means it’s time to hit the phone and check in with Marcus Lambkin and his sheep-herding neighbours in Stuttgart. The Dublin native’s new album “What Follows” is a beast of a different colour to previous releases like 2010’s “The Cradle to the Rave” and 2014’s “We Got A Love”. He talked about why it was time to get back to his underground clubby roots.