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The wrap is doing the floral dance

Including northern soul, Chris Earnshaw, sick days, spin, Sir Henry’s 2001, headphones, bring your own device, peak car parking etc

Northern soul. Photo: Richard Tymon http://www.richardtymon.com

Mon, Feb 1, 2016, 09:32


(1) Superb long-read about Chris Earnshaw, the Washington DC street photographer whose polaroids and photos capture the city in bloom and decay from the 1960s to 1980s.

(2) Oral history department: Lauren Martin explores the roots and rise of northern soul with contributions from Ian Levine, Kev Roberts, ‘Farmer’ Carl Dene, Ian Dewhirst, Keb Darge, Jonathan Woodliffe and Guy Hennigan. A good excuse to play this again.

(3) Back-lit mirrors, lighting templates, radio-frequency identification tagging, interactive walls, champagne: some ways to fix the fitting room problem in clothes shops.

(4) Personally, I think the original run of Law & Order (especially with Jerry Orbach as Detective Lennie Briscoe) or even Law & Order: Criminal Intent (with Vincent D’Onofrio as Bobby Goren and Kathryn Erbe as Alexandra Eames) are way, way, way better than Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, but Dick Wolf might not agree. However, David Handelman reckons the long-running franchise has tainted views of the American justice system, with films like Spotlight or a series like Making A Murderer better equipped to show the real side of the process, warts and all.

(5) Time and motion study departmemt: you’ll spend three and a half days of your life untangling headphones.

(6) The future of self-driving cars is actually a lot of hanging around taking up space in cities and towns: “parking is, after all, what cars do most of the time: The average automobile spends 95 percent of its time sitting in place.”

(7) BYOD department: how the rise of bring-your-own-device in the workplace has changed corporate IT.

(8) The last stand on South Main Street: Stevie Grainger ran things in the back bar at Sweat at Sir Henry’s in Cork for eight years, playing hip-hop and r’n'b while Greg Dowling and Shane Johnson preached the house gospel in the main room. Here’s a recording of Grainger’s last night at the club from November 2001.

(9) The man who invented spin: given that this is the week when merry hell will be unleashed with the announcement of a general election for Thursday February 25 or Friday February 26 (depending on whether you’re a rugby fan or an Alan Kelly fan), here’s how Teddy Roosevelt used public opinion, the media, leaks and other balck arts to get how point across. “Roosevelt ushered in an age in which presidents would be perpetually engaged in the work of publicity and opinion management—the work of spin. Perhaps no incident better illustrates this than his historic 1906 quest to clean up the shoddy and predatory practices in the stockyards and meatpacking houses where Americans got their daily diet of beef.”

(10) Apparently, the first Monday in February is the day when workers are most likely to pull a sickie. If you’re reading OTR under the duvet this morning, here’s Sheila Heti writing in praise of the sick day.