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Algorithms, Anderson’s “Patterns” sleeve, New York pizza, breakfast cereal, hip-hop old age, crime scene cleaning, Spotlight, Dolce & Gabbana etc

The A to Z of designing Anderson's "Patterns" album sleeve

Mon, Dec 14, 2015, 09:45


(1) The best movie you’ll see in Irish cinemas in the next few months is Spotlight, Thomas McCarthy’s powerful film about the Boston Globe’s investigation into sexual abuse and cover-up within the city’s Catholic church. Here’s the story behind the movie as written by the paper’s reporters.

(2) Growing old in hip-hop and battle between relevance and legacy.

(3) Did you have cereal for your breakfast this morning? The story of how a corn kernel becomes a Corn Flake and a grain of rice mutates into a Rice Krispie involving puffing guns, extruders, lump breakers, coating drums and other gizmos

(4) Superb read on a couple of days in the life of Sandra Pankhurst, crime scene cleaner

(5) 15 years in the life of DFA Records as told by Jonathan Galkin. Plus a 15-years-of-the-label mix

(6) The best damn pizza in New York City: a day in the life of Domenico DeMarco, the don behind the peerless Di Fara Pizza in deepest Brooklyn

(7) An interview with an algorithm: Pedro Domingos on his book The Master Algorithm: How the Quest for the Ultimate Learning Machine Will Remake Our World, the difference between human and computer “thinking” and learning, how much of our lives are already influenced by algorithms, and what happens when the machines finally learn how to learn everything

(8) Electronic music’s bleeding edge is “visceral, antisocial, and downright ugly”. State of the art report on the sound’s innovators who are not playing nice

(9) Colm Russell on designing the sleeve for Anderson’s fine debut solo album “Patterns” from theme to finished product.

(10) Profile of Helen Wilson, the customer who helps to keep Dolce & Gabbana in clover with her haute couture habit