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Why are there tickets still on sale for U2′s Belfast show tonight?

Good news for anyone who wants to see the band tonight, but a strange sign of the times for Ireland’s biggest act

This Bono is near, this Bono is far away. U2 at Belfast's SSE Arena last night. Photo: Eric Luke

Thu, Nov 19, 2015, 11:26


It’s a strange situation and make no bones about it. U2 play the second of their brace of shows at the SSE Arena (nee Odyssey) in Belfast tonight. This is the Innocence & Experience tour, the one which has had critics raving all over the world over the last few months. This is also U2′s first visit to the northern city in ages, a city which really does like its live rock’n'roll.

And yet there are tickets still available for the show tonight, one of the shows which was supposed to have sold out in jig-time when tickets originally went on sale in September. We’re talking decent seats too – see screenshots below, taken yesterday evening and this morning, for a range of tickets if you fancy going tonight – and they’re available at face value on Ticketmaster and not one of the ticket selling giant’s secondary markets like Seatwave or Get Me In.

While I saw a few tweets from the venue about “extra tickets”, these tickets are prime real estate and surely would have been snapped up the first time around if they had been on sale. Looking at the venue floor plan, they don’t look like production holds. Also, those tweets were from Monday so why are the tickets still on sale on Thursday?

So, just what is going on? No matter what we think about the music, no-one can deny that U2 have always had a peerless track record when it comes to filling stadiums, arenas and sheds with their live show. Combine this availability of tickets for tonight’s show with the story about sluggish tickets for their US shows earlier this year and you have to wonder is it a case of some sort of ticket management mix-up or – whisper it because the street teams will be here very shortly – perhaps U2 are not as much of a hot ticket anymore as we might think? Moreover, if there are tickets available for Belfast so late in the date, will the same apply in Dublin next week?