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The playlist – the sounds of the week at OTR HQ

Tracks for your ears from Julia Holter, Lucinda Williams, Miles Davis, Anderson, J Dilla, Hunee, Courtney Barnett and others

Julia Holter

Fri, Sep 18, 2015, 09:55


Julia Holter “Have You in My Wilderness” (Domino)

An album to alert many more folks to Julia Holter’s singular talents, “Have You in My Wilderness” sounds like a fresh breeze on an autumnal morning and is full of reflective, deep beauty and panache. “Sea Calls Me Home” from the album below

J Dilla “Donuts” (Stones Throw)

We’ve been on a journey around the world of James Yancey for the last few weeks and keep coming back to this album released a few days before his death in 2006. An album which oozes Dilla soul, from idiosyncratic euphoria to aching melancholia. The heavyweight sound of a genius at work.

Dismantle “Stranded” (Digitial Soundboy)

Carnival vibes, bass bling and hooting horns from Brighton producer Will Knighton

Fatima Yamaha “What’s A Girl to Do” (Dekmantel/D1)

Orginally issued on downtown Dublin label D1, Dutch producer Bas Bron’s slow-burning, seductive delight now gets a welcome rewash on Dekmantel

Ciaran Lavery & Ryan Vail “Sea Legs” (Quiet Arch)

One of the albums on the Northern Ireland Music Prize shortlist which we reckon will get a lot more people taking note of its charms, Ciaran Lavery and Ryan Vail’s collaboration has produced a gorgeous handful of pastoral, tender, fragile pop to pull you closer to the speakers.

Hunee “Hunch Music” (Rush Hour)

The Amsterdam resident’s Rush Hour debut is a finely shaped set of house, acid and disco. Playing Twitch at The Bunatee in Belfast on September 26.

Lucinda Williams “Fruits of My Labor” (Lost Highway)

The opening track on Williams’ 2003 “World Without Tears” album is a sultry, lovelorn, soulful bluesy holler with that drawling voice and some lovely guitarwork creating a world to dive into.

Anderson “Patterns” (Self release)

The debut album from former frontman with The Rags, Daniel Anderson, comes with some good back stories (building his own studio, that great viral video below of his door-to-door salesman schtick etc) and a whole lot of evocative, enigmatic songs which match the singer’s strong, old-fashioned croon to a T. One of those records which you reckon will still be unfolding its charms some time from now.

Miles Davis “Sketches of Spain” (Columbia)

Davis and arranger sidekick Gil Evans’ in a Spanish frame of mind from 1960. An album informed and coloured by Spanish folk and classical music which soars high and endures for some time.

Courtney Barnett “Pedestrian At Best” (Milk!)

Yep, it still works.

The OTR playlist: a selection of tunes which we’ve given the thumbs up to over the last couple of months. New tracks added every week. Note: no money has exchanged hands for placement on this playlist.