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Music Collection: The Go! Team

From My Bloody Valentine and The Chymes to Boards of Canada and Judee Sill, 10 out-takes from Ian Parton from The Go! Team’s music collection

The Go! Team

Wed, Jun 10, 2015, 09:50


It’s time for a root through Ian Parton from The Go! Team’s music collection. The band’s current album is called “The Scene Between” and they visit Ireland for shows at The Limelight, Belfast on June 19 and Whelan’s, Dublin on June 20. Here’s Ian talking about the ten tracks or albums which have influenced and inspired him.

(1) The Chymes “He’s Not There Anymore”

I found this on one of the “Girls In the Garage” compilations – one of my favourite songs. It has one of those really unexpected female vocal melodies that I was aiming for on “The Scene Between”. I love the melodrama and saturated emotion of girl groups.

(2) Paddy Kingsland “Take Another Look”

This is a song from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and I think it was a theme tune to a schools’ programme here in the UK. I love portamento – that’s an effect you put on a keyboard so the notes glide between each other – such a cheeky sound.

(3) The Shaggs “My Cutie”

The Shaggs were teenage triplets in 1960s America whose dad forced them into being a band. They were massively amateurish; the drums were out of time and guitar out of tune, but there’s something amazing and original about their melodies, like they haven’t learnt the rules yet. I always like slightly amateurish stuff.

(4) My Bloody Valentine “Off Your Face”

One of my favourite bands. People always talk about the noise and volume more than the songwriting with MBV. To me, they are a pure pop band.

(5) Boards Of Canada “Roygbiv”

I love bands that seem to inhabit a world and I’ve always been really into BOC’s world: 1980s horror films, canadian nature documentaries, abandoned water parks…

(6) K-Tel Wet Dream “Sissy Bar”

This is a super obscure song i heard on John Peel probably around 20 years ago. Very mysterious. It had that mix of random choppy noise and really cute curvy vocals that I love. And what a band name: K-Tel Wet Dream!

(7) Idy Lynn “Up In My Mind”

This is almost like a 1960s version of shoegaze – a million times better than Slowdive

(8) Judee Sill “Jesus Is A Cross Maker”

I’m glad Judee Sill is starting to become more well-known. I love her double-tracked Laurel Canyon voice, really complex melodic gymnastics

(9) Huggy Bear “Rubbing the Impossible To Burst”

Really under-rated riot grrrl band, their recordings captured spontaneity, enthusiasm, ideas, coolness – very throwaway, but quite inspiring

(10) Bibio “A tout a l’heure”

I like the way Bibio’s stuff captures a kind of nature, outdoors feel. We share a love of wobbly four-track picky acoustic guitars and cheeky keyboard lines.

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