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New Music – Charlie Belle, Robin Cheasty, Yung

The first new music round-up of 2015 heads to Waterford, Aarhus and Austin

Charlie Belle

Thu, Jan 8, 2015, 10:41


Every week, we highlight three new acts from around the globe. Please feel free to share tips below or check out all past New Music selections here.

Charlie Belle

Three teens from Austin, Texas, Charlie Belle play it sweet with indie-pop which glistens and glows, but which also has some fascinatingly detailed substance beneath the bonnet. After all, Jendayi Bonds and her kid brother Gyasi first got their break with a Magnetic Fields’ cover. Add in bassist Zoe Czarnecki, found at a local Girls Rock camp, and you’ve the makings of a band with a lot of sass and gumption to work with. Check out their new EP below for more

Robin Cheasty

Robin Cheasty

Waterford’s Robin Cheasty is a dude who comes armed with a fine voice, some very promising tunes and a brilliant sense of what it takes to turn an atmospheric, cinematic groove into something quite dark and dramatic. There’s much to admire on tracks like “Criminals” and “The Islands”, but it’s the potential in Cheasty’s work, especially on “Silver Screen” below, which is the most exciting prospect of all. Looking forward to hearing what turns out from his recent studio work with Daithi.


From Aarhus in Denmark, Yung are a bunch of chaps making rowdy, ramshackle, infectious punk rock and garage noise. Their international debut is set to be the “Alter” six-track EP for the Tough Love label which will see the light of day in March. Check out “Nobody Cares” below