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From the paper: an interview with Brian Wilson

“When you’re younger, you do take the creative process for granted, because you’re going too fast, doing too much, taking too much. Your head is swimming.”

Good Vibrations: Brian Wilson, who plays Cork's Live at the Marquee on July 4

Mon, Jun 9, 2014, 14:04


As I note in the opening paragraph of the interview with Brian Wilson, which was published in the paper and online on Saturday, researching for an encounter with the Beach Boy gives you the fear. Every damn interview in the archive mentions that Wilson is a tough interviewee (not Lou Reed tough – that was just rudeness, by all accounts) because he largely favours “yes” or “no” answers, the bane of any interviewer’s life.

All of which means you make the call with a great sense of trepidation, only to find a very polite, pleasant man on the other end of the phone who TALKS VERY LOUDLY because of the deafness in one ear. Yes, there was one or two questions which got an one word reply, but that was my own fault for asking long-winded questions. One of those assignments which makes you happy to be doing this job of work rather than something else.