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The first randomiser of the summer

Celtronic, BBC Radio One, Charlie Ahern on Jamel Shabazz, Salute to Eugene Moloney, A Riot of Our Own and photos of chefs eating

A waiter keeps his shirt clean during a meal at Osteria Francescana in Modena. Photo by Per-Anders Jorgensen from his book Eating With the Chefs: Family Meals from the World's Most Creative Restaurants

Wed, Jun 4, 2014, 09:42


Hit the northwest: if it’s June, that must mean it’s nearly time for Celtronic to hit the streets and clubs of downtown Derry. Acts and DJs in action in the city from June 25 to 29 for the event’s 14th outing include Karenn (Blawan and Pariah), Max Cooper, Kolsch, Magic Mountain High, Ben UFO, Pearson Sound, Derrick Carter, AME, Move D, Space Dimension Controller and many more. Full details here.

Hot 97′s Summer Jam is the New York hip-hop station’s annual beat on the street featuring a galaxy of current A-list players. Here are reviews of the occasion, which featured everyone from Nas to Fiddy to Nicki Minaj, from The Guardian and from The Fader.

Meet the satori generation, the Japanese kids who’ve opted out on the consumerism of their elders.

How does BBC Radio One decide what goes on and comes off their playlist? Nadia Khomami sits in on a playlist committee meeting and finds that metrics are as important as the tune. Darren Hemmings, meanwhile, reckons that labels and especially “the marketing wonks strategising campaigns” like himself are also to blame. Hey, at least BBC Radio One have those meetings.

FOMO, take one: breaking free from the fear of missing out.

Mining the legacy of The Avalanches’ “Since I Left You” and musing why the Australian band never released another album.

FOMO, take two: David Brooks on the art of focus

A few weeks ago, there was a lot of print around Lily Allen kvetching about only getting paid 8k for an ad. Mark Savage goes beyond the back of an envelope maths to work out where the money really went.

Yes, chef: some of Per-Anders Jorgensen’s photographs of the food that fuels the people who work at 18 famous restaurants worldwide from his book Eating With the Chefs: Family Meals from the World’s Most Creative Restaurants.

Charlie Ahearn is the film-maker best known for the awesome Wild Style film from 1983. His new work is Jamel Shabazz Street Photographer, a feature on the ace snapper whose photos documented the early days of New York. Ahearn is at Dublin’s All City Records on June 15 for a screening of the film and a Q&A with Garry O’Neill. Tickets are €10 and are available here.

If you only have the time (and patience) to read one piece on the Beats/Apple yoke, this is the one to click on.

It’s two years since the sad death of journalist Eugene Moloney and a special Salute to Eugene night takes place at Whelan’s in Dublin on his anniversary on June 24. There will be performances on the night from The Lost Brothers, Julie Feeney, Andy Irvine, Liam O Maonlai, Joe and Steve Wall, Saramai Leech, Pete Cummins & Band and special guests. Tickets are €15 and all proceeds are in aid of the Peter McVerry Trust

Best Instagram account ever: dude calls shenanigans on rappers sporting fake watches.

Look who’s talking now: a conversation with Steve Albini.

Fascinating piece by a fact checker on fact checking.

Bespoke click of the day: the evolution of the mod suit

Meet “the most interesting man in rock-and-roll” AKA Ian Svenonius, the one-time frontman of Nation of Ulysses and The Make-Up who is now a TV host, writer and frontman with Chain and the Gang (as well as occasional collaborator with Irish DFA rep Shit Robot). The Washington Post sings his praises.

A reading list for any media start-up

Take me down to Paradise Garage: Francois K, Joey Llanos and David Depino on Larry Levan’s life and work at the fabled New York club

Are you a Brian Eno fan with 12 hours to spare? Here’s KPFA’s Brian Eno Day from 1988 featuring Eno music, music analysis, interviews new and old and even listener calls.

A Riot of Our Own: a symposium on The Clash in Belfast on June 21 and 22 with contributions from Caroline Coon, Chris Salewicz, Adrian Boot, Gavin Martin, David Hesmondhaugh, Jason Toynbee and Ruefrez. Full information on all the discussions, exhibitions and live music over the weekend here.

And finally, Van Morrison live at the Montreaux Jazz Festival in 1974. Dig it