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From the paper: “I remember you well at the Chelsea Hotel”

The bohos, bad behaviour and bed bugs inside New York’s artistic hangout

Thu, Apr 10, 2014, 14:03


You’ll find my piece on Sherill Tippins’ book “Inside the Dream Palace” about New York’s Chelsea Hotel and its infamous cast of past guests here.

The book itself is a great yarn, perfectly chronicling the history of a building which set out with high notions in the late 1800s before becoming a bastion for bohemianism in the 1950s and onwards.

It’s a joint which Mark Twain, Dylan Thomas, Brendan Behan, Robert Mapplethorpe, Janis Joplin, Harry Smith, Patti Smith, Arthur Miller, Andy Warhol, Arthur C Clarke, Thomas Wolfe and a vast counterculture parade of musicians, painters, writers, photographers, directors, journalists, actors et al called home. Bob Dylan wrote lyrics for Blonde on Blonde there, Sid Vicious allegedly stabbed Nancy Spungen to death there and, as we’ll see in the piece, Jackson Pollock puked on the carpet. You won’t get that class of behaviour in a Jury’s Inn.