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New Music – Highasakite, Justin Nozuka, Echosmith

New arrivals on the OTR radar from Norway, New York and California


Thu, Mar 27, 2014, 14:03


Here are the latest New Music selections from the On The Record column in tomorrow’s edition of The Ticket. Please feel free to share tips below or check out all past New Music selections here.


Norwegian indie-pop dreamers whose new album “Silent Treatment” is likely to lead to a raid on your bag of pop descriptive adjectives. Full of moody, broody, magnificent atmospherics, hugely admirable melodies and a bevy of knowing sighs, “Silent Treatment” is a balm for troubled souls.

Justin Nozuka

Seven years on from his debut album “Holly”, the New York-born singer-songwriter with the Canadian and Japanese background is receiving a ton of interest for forthcoming new album “Ulysses”. The beautiful minimalist hush and tender, breathless emotion of new track “Right By You” is what has many wowing about him.


The four Southern California siblings are having a moment thanks to people finally copping that their fizzy, hooksome, vigorous pop is tailormade for these days. From debut album “Talking Dreams”, check out “Cool Kids” and “Come Together”