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The last wrap of the year

Predictions for 2014, Juicy Couture, Nas’ tech splurge, the early rising habits of successful writers, “A Love Supreme” live, blocking online ads, supermarket queues and “Bipp” by Sophie

Mon, Dec 16, 2013, 09:48


2014 department: Shazam predicts the acts who are going to be the sounds of 2014 (including Action Bronson, August Alsina, Banks, Jhené Aiko, Sam Smith, Martin Garrix and Lucy Hale), six retail predictions for the year ahead, what journalism will look like in 2014 and ten tech predictions for ’14. Plus, bonus link, why 2014 will see the battle of the music streaming services with Beats Music, Pono Music and YouTube Music comingatcha in the coming months.

Messaging apps: so hot right now. Instragram envy: also so hot right now. Death of photography: yep, you guessed it, so hot right now.

In praise of such old tech as the laugh track machine and the instant replay for sports TV broadcasting.

The golden era of spam comments is over. Thank goodness for that.

Spotify for free: interesting piece by Ben Sisario about Spotify’s metrics now that it’s free-to-air on mobile. Plus Erin Griffith asks why bother subscribing now that it’s available for free., while Steven Bertoni for Forbes parses the new business model.

Hic: the most popular alcohol brands in pop lyrics. No mention of Guinness, though, or Arthur’s Day. Another round: why the 12 Pubs of Christmas pukefest is a booze orgy too far

Interesting piece about how streaming is changing the TV game.

Fashion dept: the rise and fall of Juicy Couture. Need something similar to explain the fad for Paul’s Boutique logo’d goods, which confuse the hell out of old hip-hop heads.

The tech world is yours: a look at Nas’ start-up investments.

The best books you’ve never read: why it’s sometimes best to ignore the best-of lists and walk past the just-published shelves to dig for older or forgotten writers

The early bird gets the literary worm: the sleeping habits of famous writers versus their productivity.

From 1965, “A Love Supreme” live

“We were high on music”: Mike Scott talks about “Fisherman’s Blues”, the album which saw The Waterboys go from the big music to outlaw sounds out west

The vision thing: how to see the next big thing coming before it hits you right between the eyes.

The best of Jigga – by Jigga. The rapper rates his albums to date.

Fascinating short by Tabitha Denholm about the influence of hip-hop and r’n'b on Louisiana’s zydeco music and Creole culture. “These dudes are so proud of their horses. They customize them, paint their hooves, plait their hair. They’re like mods with their scooters.”

Is it ethical to block ads online? Expect this issue to pop up again and again in 2014 as ad-supported businesses realise many of those using their services are also blocking the ads which the bills.

Oral history of the week: the rise and fall of the Blackberry

Unknown item in the bagging area: the ins and outs of supermarket queues

Chart of the day: where indie artists are making their cash from. And yes, they’re making cash.

Take four: profile of Ariel Rechtshaid, the former ska-punk dude from The Hippos who became a hit producer with Vampire Weekend, Haim, Sky Ferreira, Snoop Lion (nee Dogg), Justin Bieber and many more on his CV.

Buzz of the day: inside ViralNova