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The Monday morning wrap’n'roll

Medieval pet names, The Overview Effect (pictured), Twitter quitters, David Simon’s next project, 30 years of “Now That’s What I Call Music”, the future of radio, Lorde, reality TV shows and much, much, much more

Mon, Dec 2, 2013, 09:20


Meet Vince Gilligan, the Breaking Bad mastermind. Finally got around to finishing off the series at the weekend. Thoroughly enjoyed it, but it ain’t a patch on The Wire. Speaking of the man behind the Wire: David Simon’s next project, now that Treme has wrapped and its final season is underway on HBO, is a stage musical using the music of The Pogues which he’s working on the Druid Theatre’s Gary Hynes.

Forget about paying €495 for a course with a typo like “xplained” in the title and check out what something like Ultimate Seminar has to offer instead. Helienne Lindvall reviews the free one-day seminar offering quality advice from those currently working in the business.

Interesting piece about Snapchat and that where’s-the-revenue? debate. Meanwhile, good profile of Snapschat founder Evan Spiegel who said “no thanks” to Zuck’s billions

Metal Monday: The Irish Times metal correspondant (and proud winner of the Vegetarian of the Year gong), Ronan McGreevy has been busy interviewing Avenged Sevenfold and Five Finger Death Punch ahead of their show at Dublin’s O2 tomorrow.

One of our favourite Banters from this year was with Fiona McAnena from Clearhound about behavioural economics at CultureTECH. For more insights on this emerging area, have a read of this interview with California Institute of Technology neuroeconomist Colin Camerer.

WhatsApp? Line, KakaoTalk, Kik and WeChat, that’s what. Fascinating piece on the messaging apps’ market. Meanwhile, the next big market for apps seems to be dating and relationship apps, judging by this piece on Seoul’s Between app and the fact that can’t get away from pieces about Tinder in the UK press these days.

Bubblicious! How Silicon Valley is partying like it’s 1999 again.

One for the Gravity fans in the audience. Via Darren Hemming’s always excellent Daily Digest, The Overview Effect documents the thoughts of five astronauts who’ve experienced seeing the earth from the outside.

Inside the world of fake Twitter accounts and bots as they’re used to push trends, acts and entertainers.

Good lengthy analysis about what’s next for radio, taking all the new players and music-listening platforms into the equation. Doesn’t like there’s much hope for unfunny zoo breakfast tag teams on local stations that no-one listens to, but sure, we knew that anyway.

The new Alan Hansen and Alan Shearer: how ESPN trains ex-sportsmen to become on-screen pundits.

OTR isn’t the only one equating the future of print with vinvl revivals. Here’s Michael Skapinker in the Pink Un on why you should never write off any format.

One for the reggae fans in the audience: I Am the Gorgon documentary on Bunny “Striker” Lee and the roots Of reggae, featuring U Roy, Dennis Alcapone, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Sly and Robbie, Johnny Clarke, John Holt and many more.

Reviewing 30 years of Now That’s What I Call Music.

Pie of the day: marking five years of social media

Superb long-read profile of Lorde, the pop star of the year.

Speaking of the pop star of the year, she didn’t feature on anyone’s Tips for 2013 list. Here, then, is the BBC Sound of 2014 list. Interesting to see that two of the acts performed at Banter in 2013. Man, we’re killers at this tipping lark.

One for the Web Summit lads: why the cult of the superstar tech CEO isn’t all that. Actually, I remember reading pieces like this back in 1999/2000 too – the bubble is, er, bubbling.

Can’t wait to see RTE or TV3 attempt to recreate some of these reality TV shows from around the globe. I really think the knitting one is tailormade for a TG4 Sunday evening slot.

Chart of the day: how to work out if you should go to see that old band

Best listicle ever!

Mark Ecko, the dude behind all those t-shirts with mega logos on them, on how to get attention.

Education department: measuring America’s decline in educational achievement in three charts

Pangur Bán, come in for your supper: what medieval dudes called their cats and dogs

The Twitter quitters: “why are people so beastly to celebrities online? And, one has to ask, why do their high-profile victims appear not only so sensitive to attacks, but also unable to resist the bear pit?”

More lists! The ten best full-length concerts you’ll find on YouTube. Our favourite from the ten is below.