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10 acts to see at Hard Working Class Heroes 2013

There are 101 acts scheduled to play this year’s new music festival in Dublin this coming October

More fiddling going on at OTR with Daithi

Mon, Aug 19, 2013, 14:43


That annual showcase of new (or new-ish) Irish acts Hard Working Class Heroes swings into its 11th year with 101 bands playing in various Dublin city-centre venues on October 3, 4 and 5. You’ll find the full list here and we’ll be returning to the festival with more details in the coming week but, right now, here are 10 acts to put on your must-see list.


Best known to date for his work with The Rags, Daniel Anderson’s solo material is well worth getting to know. Beautifully detailed, emotional and broody, we’ve been digging his debut single “History” and stunning version of Tim Hardin’s “Reason to Believe” (below) for ages.

Blades Club!

New-ish Dublin-based band playing giddy, sunnysideup surf rock with all the bells and whistles. “Out to Sea” is a keeper.

Come On Live Long

You’ll find my recent interview with the bespoke baroque pop band here and their quite splendid debut album “Everything Fall” is below

Conor Walsh

Superb expressive, evocative solo piano work from the west of Ireland minimalist who specialises in melancholic, moody ambient pieces. Currently working on an album which is promised for October.


We last encountered Daithi blowing the bejaysus out of Kinsale during the town’s recent arts festival. He’s turned his violin-and-loops set-up into a banging electronic roadshow and has a couple of tunes which pack some serious heat. All eyes on him for a debut album in 2014


Neat modern blues with a bit of an edge to the proceedings from Andrew Hozier Byrne, the very busy Wicklow-born dude who has already had spells with the Trinity College Orchestra, Zaska Anuna, Nova Collective and a ton of other stuff.

I Have A Tribe

Patrick O’Leary will be familiar to anyone who has seen Slow Skies live. On his tod, O’Leary is creating some shimmering, sultry, soundtrack-friendly piano blues. “Monsoon” sounds like something a US TV music supervisor will grab with both hands.

Joshua Burnside

As featured in a recent OTR New Music profile

Myles Manley

Dublin-based dandy with an eye and ear for the twisted pop nugget, Manley has already released a rake of material (fill your boots at his Bandcamp page), had some adventurous live shows and displayed some audacious ambition when it comes to his videos. Someone already showing a very impressive set of heels

Ryan Vail

The dude from Derry is another 2013 OTR New Music pick