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The wrap of the week

In the mix: SXSW 2013 preview, street teams, early sightings of Jay-Z, Beyonce’s gigonomics, Listen At Lilliput, Hop Farm creditors and much, much more

Thu, Mar 7, 2013, 09:13


It’s nearly Texas time again. Lists of acts, films (Downloaded is near the top of the list) and talks have been compiled, but there’s always room for more so let me know if you see an act (non-Irish acts please) or talk you think we should catch. On the subject of the talking stuff, Mashable round up 29 unmissable Interactive panels, Una lists the music panels to catch and SXSW attendees would want to be mad to miss this one.

Memo to Team Breezy

Bi-monthly music and reading event Listen at Lilliput returns to Stoneybatter on March 31 with a line-up which includes songs from Sleepers (AKA siblings Eileen and Sean Carpio), improvised percussion from David Lacey and Fergus Kelly and new works for double bass, woodwinds and drums from Goodwin O Loghlen O Donovan Trio. The venue is the reading room in the Lilliput Press publishing house (Sitric Road, Dublin 7) and admission is €8.

Music business balance sheet news: fascinating report from Kent On Sunday about who is owed what from Vince Power’s Hop Farm festival last year after the collapse of the company behind the event. Interesting to see a lot of acts, including Peter Gabriel (£100,000), Suede (£46,000), Damien Rice, Billy Ocean, Primal Scream, Richard Ashcroft, Kool & The Gang, George Clinton and Sir Bruce Forsyth (£9000), are amongst the creditors, alongside the local cops, awaiting some £4.8 million in fees and payments. Meanwhile, Power is planning a Hop Farm event for 2013.

Here’s a piece to make many OTR readers feel as old as they really are: how to build and maintain a vinyl collection.

“They don’t like Kanye in a kilt”. Is there really any need to add anything else?

How do you YouTube? A bunch of folks, from kids to media professionals on how they work with the omnipresent video site.

Jigga who? Six rare early sightings of Hov in action.

Explaining why tickets for Mrs Jigga’s live shows went so damn quickly Stateside.

What’s happening on the mean streets of Ulan Bator? Piece on Benj Binks’ “Mongolia Bling” documentary on Mongolian hip-hop.

What Tom Freston did after leaving MTV Networks and the worlds of Beavis and Butt-Head, Yo! MTV Raps and South Park.

Superb piece by John Naughton on life after Google and Facebook. He discussed these issues at the Banter Salon in Derry last month when he noted that the internet age is just 17 years old and there’s a whole lot of shake-ups to come.

Really looking forward to reading Clive Davis’ epic autobiography The Soundtrack of My Life – the index along is a namedroppers’ delight. Here’s the digested read via Hollywood Reporter.

Say hello to the Yung Klout Gang

Someday, this will happen to Twitter.

The enduring myth of the free internet. Yeah, I know, this is carried on The Atlantic, the publication behind this online storm of recent days. Irony, baby. Meanwhile, here’s Felix Salmon on same and why freelance schmucks are not going to win. More from the journalism bellyfluff examination dept: will journalism go the way of whaling or will we see the emergence of “a survivable equilibrium”?

Emily White is back! She writes about that article and the response which took over her life for a few weeks last summer.

Interesting interview with Neil Warnock from The Agency Group about the state of the business from where he sits.

The future for your beloved local record store? Convenience stores

And finally….your documentary for the week is Dub Echoes, which follows those basslines from downtown Kingston to the world.