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Let’s party like it’s 1998: OTR is hearing word that The Kitchen is about to re-open for business. The club in the basement of Dublin’s Clarence Hotel was the only club in the western world which featured a moat running …

Tue, Feb 22, 2011, 09:38


Let’s party like it’s 1998: OTR is hearing word that The Kitchen is about to re-open for business. The club in the basement of Dublin’s Clarence Hotel was the only club in the western world which featured a moat running around the dancefloor (there was a club in a moat in Kinshasa but that’s another kettle of fish) so let’s hope Kitchen 2.0 brings that back. Speculation that club nights like Quadrophonic, Influx, Blue and Genius are also returning can be dismissed as a figment of my imagination.

Time for some Banter: this week’s Banter session is 99 Channels: The State of Irish Television and will feature Patrick Freyne (TV critic, Sunday Tribune and Today FM’s Last Word), Vogue Williams (Fade Street), Derek O’Connor (scriptwriter – Celebrity Salon; Young, Dumb & Living Off Mum; Roy, Doris/Magee and Popcorn), Darren Smith (managing director Kite EntertainmentCelebrity Bainisteor, Anonymous, Just For Laughs, I Dare Ya etc) and myself yakking about the telly. It all happens on Thursday night from 8pm-ish in the Twisted Pepper. Full info here and there’s a handful of spaces still free on the invite list if you hurry.

XL and proud: XL Records boss Richard Russell sets out his stall. Dude has just signed Tyler, the Creator so he’s definitely on a roll. And, well, XL is not EMI.

New bands, there are apparently ways to make money online from your music! Might be a better idea to follow these guidelines rather than spending your days tweeting and emailing everyone about how great your tunes are. Or, better still, take a leaf from this marketing plan.

More record label bosses chewing the fat: former Tommy Boy boss Tom Silverman gets pensive.

Bringing together Irish and Icelandic artists and art activists, the Northern Lights Observatory bills itself “a cultural experiment in exceptional times” and hits Dublin next weekend. The main focus will be a Public Collaboratory (Sunday 1pm, City Hall, Dublin) which will feature Jon Gnarr (actor, comedian, mayor of Reykjavik and leader of the Best Party), Einar Orn Benediktsson (Reykjavik’s Minister for Culture and one-time Sugarcube) Bjarni S. Jonsson (co-founder Iceland’s Anthill and National Assembly), Kristin Gunnarsdóttir (Iceland Design Centre), Gudjon Mar Gudjonsson (Ministry of Ideas), Andri Snaer Magnason (writer, director and activist), Haraldur Jonsson (Icelandic Academy of the Arts) and Benedikt Jonsson (Icelandic ambassador to Ireland). “The Public Collaboratory invites you to investigate our cultural identity – to hear the Icelandic story, to explore what it means to be alive on these two islands right now and to share the possibilities of an inspiring future”. Admission is free, entry is on a first come, first served basis and you can register for the event here.

Are we ready for the Digital Revolution (take 5,578)? News about the Digital Agenda meeting in Brussels next month featuring assorted tech bigwigs and European Commission lads and lasses knocking their heads together with a view to working together to put the interests of European citizens and businesses first. Yeah, right. One of the aims of the meeting? “The Commission intends to open up access to legal online content by simplifying copyright clearance, management and cross-border licensing.” IMRO and IRMA, watch yer house!

Marble City marvels: a very tasty line-up for this year’s Kilkenny Rhythm & Roots Festival over the May Bank Holiday weekend (April 29 to May 2) with shows from John Grant, Timber Timbre (new album “Creep On, Creepin’ On” sounds quite remarkable on first listen), Beth Orton, Sam Amidon, Wilko Johnson, Drive-By Truckers, Mary Gauthier and many more.

More rhythm and roots: what the new generation of cosmic cowboys are up to.

How Charles Slomovitz feeds the Shazam machine. Great piece about how Shazam works which shows that, yes, there is a future for old-fashioned A&R (good news for some OTR readers that, especially the ones who haven’t yet worked out how to escape into management).

All back to the Beatyard: another fabulous line-up for another wee festival happening over the May bank holiday weekend. Artists who will be playing at Dublin’s Twisted Pepper for this one include Modeselektor, Joy Orbison, Beardyman, Martyn (if you haven’t done so already, check out his rattling good collaboration with Mike Slott), Walls, Siriusmo and many more. There will also be a Banter session over the weekend with the creators of the Sonar festival.

Bands and brands (sole music): we’ve written before about Converse moving into the music space with singles and recording studios and last week, they literally moved into the space with the news that they’re to sponsor London’s “iconic” 100 Club.

And finally, some music. The best new album I’ve heard in ages is “w h o k i l l”, the forthcoming second album from Tune-Yards. An album with deep grooves, farside funk and idiosyncratic glee galore, it’s going to slay you, baby. Here’s the first track from it.

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