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Some Monday morning treats for your ears. If you haven’t already said hello to Floating Points, one of the producers of the year (and you really need to get acquainted with “J&W Beat” for maximum pleasure), check out this mix …

Mon, Sep 21, 2009, 09:11


Some Monday morning treats for your ears. If you haven’t already said hello to Floating Points, one of the producers of the year (and you really need to get acquainted with “J&W Beat” for maximum pleasure), check out this mix which he did for Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide show. And, while you’re at it, check out the legendary Stevie G’s various souljazzfunk mixes which are now available here. Dude’s from Leeside so he probably needs some cheering up today.

Listen to DP, folks: don’t copy that floppy

Anyone know if Dublin rock’n'roll flea-pit Eamon Doran’s has shut its big red doors for good or if it’s going through some sort of “refurbishment”? Hey, maybe they’re going to bring the Rock Garden back.

Pat Kenny makes his Frontline bow on RTE One tonight – we’re hearing that the satirical videos they’ve got lined up are only fabulous. And no, there won’t be one for everyone in the audience.

Best Lisbon 2 ding-dong? That may be Today FM’s Last Word forthcoming debate this Thursday in – get a load of this! – the Irish Times building on Tara Street. On the Yes side: Michael “Headbanger” O’Leary, Marian Harkin and Micheal Martin. On the No side: Joe “I’ve rewritten the treaty” Higgins MEP, Patricia “no Green mates” McKenna and, yes-yes-yes-yes, Silvio. Hot damn, they’re going to let Silvio into the office! Colm Keena, word to the wise, lockdown your desk. There are tickets going for this bun-fight but they’re going to go fast so apply here NOW.

On the radio: really enjoying what I’ve heard so far from RTE Radio One’s new arts-and-stuff show Arena. While its predecesor The Arts Show tried much too hard to be clever and therefore always came across as being far too clever for its own good, the new show’s host Sean Rocks is only too happy to let the content dictate the flow.

Best way to put something which shouldn’t be on the radio on the radio: The Business had their latest broadband race on the show last Saturday to compare and contrast broadband speeds up and down the land.

Meanwhile on (no longer younger) sister station 2fm, the Dave Fanning show is really just the same old same old with dull topics (Beatles, pop fashion, bad guys in films) leading to bland discussions and not much to get stuck into. And I assume that Fleetwood Mac interview on Friday was a pre-record to give Dave a long weekend to finish off his book? Something for the new Head Boy (or Girl) to get stuck into – as well as looking at why bona-fide 25-44 year old crowd-pleasers like David Gray are not on the playlist. Then again, maybe this is a good thing.

Incoming: the Darklight festival is nearly upon us. From October 8 to 10 in various venues throughout Smithfield in Dublin, the fest will look at art, film and technology from every angle. Programme highlights: a public interview and workshop with music video-making maestro Mark Romanek, new video installation from Willie Doherty, a keynote discussion with Sweden’s Pirate Party vice-chairwoman Anna Troberg (more on this later today), Hotel Darklight where 10 Irish film-makers make a brand new feature film in a week and the world premiere of Vincent Moon’s new concert flick, R.E.M. Live At The Olympia.

Caught a fine homegrown triple-bill at Kennedy’s on Westland Row over the weekend with Norn Iron electro-indie duo Nakatomi Towers (bags and bags of potential in their searing buzz), Carlow-Dublin atmo-pop combo Holy Roman Army (lovely trumpet touches gave some of the tunes an unexpected shot of pizzazz) and headliners Sleep Thieves who were launching their new single “City Lights” and who battled more on-stage sound SNAFUs than any headliner should really have to put up with. Hear that new single here or email thesleepthieves@gmail.com and they’ll send a MP3 right back to you.

Storm in a teacup: former Dubliner mag owner/ed/chief bottle-washer, boy-’bout-town and sardines-on-toast fan Trevor White was raising hell about Barry’s Tea doing a spot of censorship over speakers on a Dublin Fringe Fest yakathon about art. Dude went so far as to make his point in not one but two different Sunday newspaper columns. Go Trev! Barry’s Tea, meanwhile, say the final call on speakers was made by the Fringe folks. Intriguing, darlings. Anyway, we assume given his state of high dungeon and how he threw his toys from the pram with such style that Trev did the decent thing and either withdrew from the debate over such nasty “censorship” and/or did not accept any boxes of tea-bags which came his way as a result of this.

Demo dip: would you have signed The Wu based on this rough-as-fuck demo tape?

More hip-hop: if you haven’t already paid a visit to “Brooklynati”, the fictional new city created by Tanya Morgan, grab your passport and get there pronto. One of the finest hip-hop joints of the year, y’all. We’re loving the Hardcore Gentlemen’s comeback show.

More Wu: speaking of damn fine hip-hop albums, Raekwon’s “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II” really is the business. I know, I know, it’s been longer in the works than the extra time played in yesterday’s Manchester derby but it’s well worth it as Raekwon and accomplices return to the orginal scene of the crime and do it all over again. Great production throughout, especially from the late, great Dilla. Meanwhile, check this out….

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