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11 things I learned this weekend

(1) How about something from the Picnic hamper to start the week? Get ready to tune into Body & Soul FM. Yes, the Irish music’n’arts fest with its own newspaper has gone all media-mogul and will also have a temporary …

Mon, Aug 17, 2009, 09:48


(1) How about something from the Picnic hamper to start the week? Get ready to tune into Body & Soul FM. Yes, the Irish music’n'arts fest with its own newspaper has gone all media-mogul and will also have a temporary radio station on-site broadcasting on to 104.3FM over the weekend. Expect to hear live gigs from the B&S area, interviews, DJ slots, festival news and the like. Mmmm… lads, if you’re looking for a GREAT idea for a show on the Sunday afternoon based on (5) below, get in touch. Loads more from the Picnic hamper this week. Yep, those lorries with dodgy loads are in the ‘hood once again.

(2) It was a really brilliant and inspiring Banter on “The A to Z of DIY” last Saturday night with Niall McGurk and Dylan Haskins telling tales of how they did it their way. Fantastic tales, very straightforward motivational lessons (the Limerick hurlers should have spent the night at Banter, you know, and took a few hints from the Fugazi v MCD story) and excellent vibes. Damien was in the audience and you can read his review of the proceedings here. Big thanks to Eoin, JP and all at Bodytonic/Twisted Pepper for putting the show on the road and to everyone who showed up too. The podcast will be up later this week, the next Banter is on September 26 (Final Scratch Me Arse with Paul Webb and Tonie Walsh on the early days of Irish clubland) and we’re also planning special Banter excursions for October around the Darklight and DEAF fests.

(3) OTR hearts lists. Here’s Hypebot’s list of 10 major landlarks in music marketing.

(4) Ahoy, me hearties! Pirates spotted in Donegal with the Dail on their mind. The Bull O’Donoghue wondering if they’ll take over his private plane. Meanwhile, in a land-mass nearby, they’re out to eradicate all acts of music and movie piracy.

(5) Gavin Cummiskey caught an interesting quote from ex-Limerick manager Richie Bennis during the week in the lead-up to yesterday’s match of the day. Bennis maintained that “Tipperary are more worried of Limerick than Limerick are of Tipperary. You can be sure of that.” It took all of five minutes for that one to be debunked yesterday. After 15 minutes, the Limerick lads behind us at Croker were arranging to flee the scene at half-time. At least they turned up, unlike the Limerick forwards. That said, Tipperary were majestic marauders yesterday. Right up to the last minute, they were attacking that Limerick goal with the look of hungry men. Holy six-goals-in-an-All-Ireland-Hurling-semi-final Batman. Still, “Kilkenny are unbeatable”. After the match, we spotted Brian Cody ambling down Clonliffe Road away from Croker with a smile on his face. September 6 is going to be a whole different ball-game and no-one in blue-and-gold is going to deny that.

(6) Brian Lenihan’s economic wingman Alan Ahearne says don’t bust the Nama with firesales and low valuations of impaired assets. As we saw with Liam Carroll’s midnight flit to the courts on Friday, this government are not going to see their pet builders, banks and developers go down with this ship. No, they prefer to send people who owe a few grand rather than a few billion to jail instead. Ain’t going to be any white-collar perp walks in Ireland, bud.

(7) Incoming: watch out for Teengirl Fantasy playing Dublin’s Thomas House on September 26.

(8) Psychonavigation Records celebrate nine years in business with a show in Dublin’s Sugar Club this coming Thursday featuring Mixmaster Morris, Roger Doyle, 202s, Neosupervital, Tiny Magnetic Pets and many more. Thanks to label boss Keith Downey, the first two OTR readers to email email psychonavigation@gmail.com with “OTR Y9″ in the subject line will get a pair of free passes each to the show.

(9) Loads of aul’ shite in the papers over the weekend about Woodstock on the occasion of its 40th anniversary, with various boring baby boomers remembering their youth and grumbling that it’s not like it used to be. I’m not going to bother to link to any of it because there’s nothing worse than reading a load of nostalgic nonsense from people who probably weren’t even within an ass’s tour of Max Yasgur’s farm on the weekend.

(10) Looking for a holiday with a difference? Well, why not join Hawkwind for a cruise through Scandinavian fjords or a saunter through French vineyards?

(11) Finally, loving this tune like a fat kid loves cake

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