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A round-up of recent interviews from the paper including Christy Dignam, Loyle Carner, Jofriður Ákadóttir, Hurrah For the Rfff Raff and David Sax

Tue, Mar 28, 2017, 10:43


It’s always great to have an interviewee who is prepared to talk openly and candidly about their life and times. I’ve interviewed Christy Dignam and the other members of Aslan before and I always went away from the encounter with a tape-recorder full of tales and insights. Dignam has been through the kind of ups and downs which would wear out a lesser soul and it’s something he spoke about in this interview from earlier in the month. He is also still rearing birds in the backyard.

Another candid interviewee here and the man behind one of the best albums of 2017 to date. London kid Loyle Carner’s debut “Yesterday’s Gone” is a hip-hop hurrah about the minor details which matter majorly, the nuances you’ll find in subtle victories and small gestures win out amidst the melancholic mood music and downbeat tones. I spoke to him when he was in Dublin a while back to launch the album with a sold-out show at The Workman’s Club and you’ll find the interview here.

You’ll know Jofriður Ákadóttir as the Icelandic songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and Samaris band member, but she has many other irons in the fire. She’s also a member of Pascal Pinon with her sister Ásthildur, a member of Icelandic electro-pop supergroup Gangly and releases solo fare as JFDR. She spoke to us about where Samaris are at as they prepare to record a new album, record labels, nature and Icelandic poetry.

One of the other albums of 2017 which is getting a lot of play around these parts is “The Navigator” from Hurrah For the Riff Raff. They were also one of the acts I kept seeing by accident at the recent SXSW beano as well, with a song here and a song there, though it was mostly the excellent “Hungry Ghost” ringing out as I queued to get into the venue or the venue next door. You’ll find my interview with frontwoman Alynda Segarra here, where she speaks about working her way back to her Puerto Rican roots, rebellion, radicalism, her mother and living in the United States of Trump.

It’s always fun to catch up with David Sax and ask him a bunch of questions. He was a Banter guest at the Cúirt festival a while back where he talked about food trends and his book The Tastemakers: Why We’re Crazy for Cupcakes, But Fed up with Fondue (podcast here). This time out, it’s an interview for the paper with the Canadian writer and smart dude about his new book The Revenge of Analog: Real Things and Why They Matter, a study of how and why such physical objects as vinyl records, Moleskine notebooks, physical books, board games, Polaroid film and wristwatches have come back into vogue.