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You don’t get more Best In Fest than Michael Eavis

The Glastonbury festival chief to speak in Dublin next month

Literally out standing in his own field: Michael Eavis

Wed, Mar 1, 2017, 10:10


If you’re reading a blog about music and the music business, you really don’t need an introduction to Michael Eavis. Eavis may be first and foremost a farmer, but like all farmers, there are other irons in the fire and, in this case, there’s the mother and father of all festivals. Eavis’ role in establishing the Glastonbury festival, developing it into a sustainable and successful event and then ensuring that the festival remains at the top of the pack has been quite remarkable. That it remains an independent entity in these days of mega-global corps swooping in with chequebooks and aggressive acquisition tactics is all the more laudable.

Eavis will be in Dublin to speak at the Best In Fest ICON masterclass at the Aviva Stadium on April 27. He joins a selection of heavyweight speakers including Shona McCarthy (Edinburgh Fringe), Tom Harfleet (RHS Chelsea Flower Show), Maria Moynihan Lee (Galway International Oyster and Seafood Festival), Mark Rowlette (Failte Ireland) and Ian Renton (The Festival, Cheltenham) who will talk about the ups and downs of growing and developing their individual events.

More information on the masterclass on the Best In Fest website.