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OTR column: where did all the colourful interviewees go?

How house-trained stars and media-wary PR agents are destroying rock‘n’roll (and sports)

There was never a dull interview with David Bowie even when the interviewer stuck a cigrarette in his face

Fri, Feb 10, 2017, 13:04


You’ll find this week’s On the Record column from The Ticket here. “The paucity of interesting characters in today’s pop game is something which those of us who wield recorders and notebooks for a living frequently comment on. We moan and groan about the fact that today’s crop of music-slingers just don’t have anything to say because, well, they don’t have anything to say. Worse, they’ve been house-trained by vested interests to be safe and unadventurous. In a world dominated by lifeless social media campaigns and bland PR processes, most pop acts share the same view of the media as those currently occupying the White House.”