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Just what is going on with Longitude?

And is Frank Ocean set to play Marlay Park this summer?

Tue, Feb 7, 2017, 14:12


Since it arrived on the scene, Longitude has proven to be a reliable and popular summer hop. It has taken place to date in the lush surroundings of Marlay Park in deepest south county Dublin and has pulled thousands of music fans with a savvy and properly thought out mix of indie, pop, hip-hop and electronic music acts. Thanks to the time of year it’s on (mid-July) and the aforementioned mix of music, it has replaced Oxegen (they’ve finally killed off the website) in the affections of many younger music fans as the favoured post-Leaving Cert bash and has proven that not all festivals need to feature camping as an add-on to work.

But the silence around this year’s event is baffling to say the least because it’s rare to see a successful festival go so quiet for so long. It’s now the second week of February and we’re still waiting for the official site and social media links to actually confirm this year’s dates. Have they lost the passwords for those sites? There is also nothing out there about the acts who may be playing the festival. To quote this top lad, the line-up “is more anticipated than the leaving cert English poets that are coming up”. Indeed, many of the acts you’d expect to see in Marlay Park seem to be playing standalone shows elsewhere in the city.

We’re also waiting to find out if Marlay Park will be the venue, especially as there are no other big shows announced for the park this summer which would allow the expense of the site build to be put against different cost centres. Meanwhile, there are also no tickets on sale so no way for the promoters to gauge appeal and, more importantly, make some pre-gig bankroll.

Regardless of what is causing the hold-up with the announcement, we understand from our sources that this year’s event is going ahead and it’s believed that Frank Ocean will be the main name of interest on the bill. That makes sense seeing as he is also playing the Live Nation-owned London festival Lovebox that weekend. Of course, all of this depends on if Longitude is actually on the same weekend as it’s usually on. More, no doubt, later.