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The wrap is sitting out Cyber Monday

DJ booths, Trump campaign oral history, getting fat in Hollywood, Paterson, New Orleans’ dining, LetsRun.com, private gigs, spiritual jazz, MIchael Lewis etc

John Coltrane during the recording of spiritual jazz masterpiece "A Love Supreme" in 1964. Photo: Chuck Stewart/Courtesy of the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History

Mon, Nov 28, 2016, 10:14


(1) Of course, there is a President-elect Trump piece: here’s an oral history of what it was like to cover the Trump campaign from those inside the pen inside the tent

(2) Meet the running hacks behind the scruffy LetsRun.com website which has straddled the lines between gossip, investigative reporting and hardcore training advice for the last two decades – and pissed off Nike, USA Track and Field and traditional media in the process

(3) New Michael Lewis book incoming: excerpt from The Undoing Project: A Friendship That Changed Our Minds which is due for publication next month. It turns out that many of the ideas Lewis talked about in Moneyball had been around for years having been introduced decades earlier by Israeli psychologists Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky.

(4) Went to see Paterson on Friday night and the film has been playing over and over in my mind since. Exquisite slow movie-making, it’s a contemplative piece of film where not a lot happens and that is not necessarily a bad thing. It always reminds you about what a fucking don Jim Jarmusch is.

(5) Aside from eating a few boxes of chocolate kimberleys (a tenner a pop at Dunnes and Tesco, chocolate kimberley fans), just how to get fat quick when a movie role demands it? Here are 18 ways actors put on the pounds for the big screen because, after all, “force-feeding oneself like a foie gras duck is standard practice in Hollywood”

(6) 40 years of DJ booths and the evolution of the technology behind the decks.

(7) Essay of the week: Maurice Carlos Ruffin profiles New Orleans’ racial undertones through the city’s dining experiences

(8) The easiest way for pop stars to make a few million quid/bucks/euros? Play a private gig, though be careful who you play for. “The best plan might be to hop on a plane and perform for the world’s rich and famous, perhaps at a dictator’s birthday or an autocrat’s family wedding.”

(9) How social media normalised mediocrity: “social media has disconnected us so much from reality that we digest things about people and organizations before even having a first-hand experience or thinking critically about the information we are being fed”

(10) A short 12 hour history of spiritual jazz as broadcast by NTS Radio