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The playlist – the tunes of the week at OTR HQ

Tracks from Japandroids, Bantum, Common, Klyne, Caleborate, Jack O’Rourke, Katie Dey, Cody ChesnuTT and many more


Fri, Nov 4, 2016, 09:45


Japandroids “Near to the Wild Heart of Life” (Anti)

Fuck yeah! Feel that crunch as Japandroids return with a bang, a thump and a big bastard ruff

Klyne “Don’t Stop” (Because)

Lush, seductive and soulful earworm to beat these dark autumnal/winter days

Bantum “Move” (Self release)

Smashing new set of tunes from Ruari Lynch aided and abetted by such ace faces as Loah, Rusangano Family and and Farah Elle

Caleborate “1993″ (TBKTR/EMPIRE)

Bay Area hip-hop with plenty of dexterity in the flow and beats

Katie Dey “Flood Network” (Joy Void)

Melbourne artist with a great experimental yen comes up trumps with an album which flies confidently between different trippy pop universes to plot her own course. Big up Ian Wright for the tip

Cody ChesnuTT “I Stay Ready” (One Little Indian)

Get set to take a real shine to the first new track in yonks from the soul troubadour

Beau Jennings and The Tigers “Back In Town” (OBNEAC)

The big music from Oklahoma

Common “Black America Again” (Def Jam)

Inspired and energised by the current wave of black American activism, Common’s 11th fiery album comes tinted and shaded with references to the stories and events of the last few years. Righteous, powerful and compelling

Jack O’Rourke “On the Downlow” (Self release)

Standout track (and eye-catching video) from the Cork singer-songwriter’s fine “Dreamcatcher” album

NewVillager “Rich Doors” (Twosyllable)

Still sounds splendid seven years on.