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Recent interviews from the paper with Jinx Lennon, David Holmes, Sunil Sharpe, Danny Brown, Vicky Hamilton and Vlad Sepetov

Danny Brown. Rampaging deer on the far right

Wed, Oct 19, 2016, 09:57


There’s only one Jinx Lennon. Seven years after the last time he sat down in the tall hotel on the outskirts of Dundalk and chewed the fat about life and music, Lennon returned to the exact same spot to tell the stories behind his brace of new albums “Magic Bullets Of Madness To Uplift The Grief Magnets” and “Past Pupil Stay Sane”. Some great lines in here: “I can walk into a venue and know straight away if people are going to be into it or not by the expression on the barman’s face. If the barman looks a certain way, I know it’s going to be shit. You have to keep away from the places with the black Guinness t-shirts.” Both albums are released on Friday and you can catch the man on tour over the coming weeks.

You never really need an excuse to interview David Holmes as he’s someone who always has much to say regardless of what he’s plugging. He was in Dublin recently for a DJ date and, ahead of the gig, talked to The Ticket about his latest releases (the great Unloved album from earlier this year and the “Late Night Tales” compilation which is released this Friday) and, most of all, the magic of great music when it comes to dealing with life, love and loss.

Sunil Sharpe is the Dublin techno DJ and producer who was part and parcel of the Irish techno scene for many years before European clubs and bookers took a liking to his tougher sounds. Here’s an interview with Sharpe speaking about the early days, taking his time to become good at his trade and why if you hang around long enough that it will all work out.

We didn’t expect to talk to Danny Brown about how to control the deer who are wrecking his gaff outside Detroit but that’s the way it turned out. We also spoke to one of the finest rappers in the game about his extraordinary new album “Atrocity Exhibition”, attention spans, Detroit, the black lives matter movement and other matters.

When it comes to rock’n'roll tales, Vicky Hamilton has a lot of them to tell and she’s many of her stories about working as a manager with Guns N’ Roses, Motley Crue, Poison and others into her new book, “Appetite for Dysfunction”, a fascinating yarn about what happened when a woman from small-town Indiana came face to face with the glam and glitz of the Los Angeles music scene of the early 1980s. We spoke to her about the book, her various dalliances with the music business and what it was like having Guns N’ Roses as housemates.

If you’re a fan of Kendrick Lamar or Schoolboy Q, you’ll have come across the work of designer Vlad Sepetov. He’s the dude responsible for sleeves like “To Pimp A Butterfly” and “Oxymoron” and he was one of the artists featured in This Greedy Pig’s recent Fantasy 12 exhibition. Ahead of the exhibition, he spoke to us about the business of putting art on the sleeve