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The wrap has the post-holiday, football and Brexit blues

Bill Cunningham, food carts, summer festivals, Brexit, online travel, Rebecca Solnit, attention economy, bootlegging etc

Bill Cunningham locks his bike outside the office. Photo: Lisa Olsson Hjerpe

Mon, Jun 27, 2016, 09:41


(1) Bill Cunningham RIP. The legendary photographer, whose striking street shots for the New York Times were a hugely singular and idsiosyncractic way of looking at fashion, died on Saturday night aged 87. Read about his life on and off the bike – and see examples of his work – here. When you’re done, watch the amazing Bill Cunningham New York documentary by Richard Press.

(2) The other side of food truck culture: selling grub on the street may be one of the new-school food industry’s coolest ways of making a splash, but bear a thought for those who deal with New York City’s food cart economy as they sling coffee, bagels and hot dogs daily on those mean streets

(3) Summertime blues: how consolidation by corporate suits at Live Nation and AEG Live are driving up prices and profits in the festival circuit. Some really interesting findings in the reporting by Murad Ahmed and Hannah Murphy for the Financial Times such as a pre-tax profit of just £86,000 for Glastonbury on £37.3m in revenues in 2014 and a 400 percent increase in artist fees over the last decade.

(4) Your flight has been delayed by an hour: fascinating and fairly definitive history of the online travel industry with tales and yarns from those beyond such heavyweight players as Hotels.com, Travelocity, Expedia and many, many more including Hostelword’s Feargal Mooney.

(5) Deep dive: inside the Nurse With Wound rabbithole

(6) Notes to commit acts of journalism by: superb essay by San Francisco writer, historian, and activist Rebecca Solnit adapted from the commencement address for the Graduate School of Journalism at University of California Berkeley, her alma mater.

(7) The attention economy: Tom Chatfield on the relationship between what, how, why, when and where we click and our peace of mind.

(8) Home taping is killing music: “long before tech-addled kids started sharing files in their California dorm rooms, music piracy was a thriving industry, one that scared the shit out of major record labels just the same as it did in the Bush years. Bootlegging was the illegitimate, second-born brother of the American recording industry.”

(9) Boxfresh dept: how and why Diadora, Adidas, New Balance and Saucony are gaming the sneaker reselling market. Reckon Damon Dash put a hex on the Pro-Ked game.

(10) In case you haven’t read everything out there about Brexit and the UK electorate’s decision to say no to the EU, here’s a fairly exhaustive list of pieces about last week’s seismic referendum result collated by the Redef team.