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Would you pay $1,495 to go to a Jon Bon Jovi gig in Dublin?

We now know what you will be doing on July 22

Because I'm worth it

Tue, Apr 12, 2016, 15:49


The boom is back, baby (part 1,341). If you’ve got $1,495 to spare, you can enjoy “a Private Acoustic/Storyteller Show With Jon Bon Jovi At The Academy In Dublin” on July 22 next.

Of course, you won’t be just getting the show with Jonny boy. No sir, you get more. You’ll get a photo op, access to the after-show party in the Green Room in the venue (pay a few hundred extra and they might let you into and out of Academy 2), a trip to the Guinness Storehouse, a “welcome party” at the Storehouse, an autographed picture of Jon Bon Jovi, “Specially Designed Trip Credential” and, best of all, “Custom Trip Lanyard”.

We’re there. We can write this off on expenses, right? Hmm, I wonder could we do a show where we tell the story of the morning we found him sitting on the doorstep of the gaff we were staying in in New York…