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Out to Lunch all weekend

The Dublin club night rounds up some heavy hitters for its summer weekender

Who wants to go out to lunch with Mr Ties?

Wed, Apr 6, 2016, 09:55


Out to Lunch has developed a rep for excellent club nights in the capital over the last while, thanks to some canny bookings for its events in Bar Tengu and Yamamori. They take over that venue on August 13 and 14 with a heavyweight selection of guests in action including:

DJ Sprinkles
Mr Ties
Steve Davis (what a time to be alive)
Lena Willikens
Cait Dip
Compassion Crew
Damien Lynch
Kenny Hanlon
Mark Ernestus
Peggy Gou
Wino Wagon
Barry Redsetta (Out to Lunch)
Simon Conway (Out to Lunch)

Tickets are now on sale for €65 plus fees