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The wrap says “freeze”

Dreams, Kendrick Lamar, marching bands, Stump, music genres, the art of disco, 50 people to watch in 2016, email and much more

From Jules Allen's forthcoming book Marching Bands

Mon, Jan 11, 2016, 12:49


(1) A history of the often provocative, always distinctive and usually colourful disco record sleeve.

(2) What kind of music are you into? Take your pick from this “algorithmically-generated, readability-adjusted scatter-plot of the musical genre-space, based on data tracked and analyzed for 1387 genres by The Echo Nest”. Hat-tip to Paul Butler

(3) Everyone loves a marching band (well, bar those of us who had to put up with rubbish pipe bands before west Tipp junior hurling clashes). Jules Allen aims to tell the story of Amercian marching bands in a new photography book Marching Bands due to be published next month.

(4) How Betamax bit the dust and other tales of technical obsolescence.

(5) Sleep paralysis, lucid dreaming and false awakenings: how and why we spend around six years of our lives (or 2,190 days or 52,560 hours) dreaming.

(6) Here’s Lights! Camel! Action! – The Story of Stump, Paul McDermott’s documentary on the Cork band which was broadcast by UCC 98.3FM at the weekend. More Stump: here’s McDermott’s oral history of the band and Colm O’Callaghan’s piece for Blackpool Sentinel on frontman Mick Lynch who died last November.

(7) Fascinating profile of Adam Fogelson, the dude at the helm of new Hollywood studio STX who believes that 75 percent of a movie’s success is due to its marketing and its marketability. “Fogelson was going to demonstrate that you could build a studio without theme parks and television networks to help you market your films, and without anything like the two or three thousand people most studios employ. He was going to pick the right films, spend less to make them, spend just as much to market them, and win back audiences who’d forsworn the moviegoing habit. He was going to save the industry.”

(8) The people to watch in 2016: various Irish Times’ writers select the 50 people set to be making waves in the coming year in the areas of food, sport, tech, politics, activism, design, music, film, fashion and the arts

(9) How many emails are in your in-box this morning? Here’s why email keeps winning despite the use of Syke, Slack, Yammer et al

(10) It’s Kendrick Lamar’s world, we’re just lucky enough to live in in. Here’s Lamar on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon the other night performing “Untitled 2″. It’s not what you’d expect on a TV appearance – a new-ish song, a non-album song, a song without an obvious hook – but this is Lamar we’re speaking about and the dude can do no wrong at present. Bonus video: Lamar’s Austin City Limits set from Saturday night.