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The playlist – the tracks of the week at OTR HQ

Your bank holiday weekend soundtrack featuring Lucas Nord, Young Wonder, Little Xs for Eyes, Public Enemy, Will Butler, Jones, Holly Herndon, Arthur Russell and more

Little Xs for Eyes

Fri, May 1, 2015, 10:22


Jones “Indulge” (37 Adventures)

Hold the front page for this visceral thriller from the new-school London soul singer who now adds Raffertie to her list of A-list collaborators alongside Rodaigh McDonald (The xx) and A.K. Paul.

Lucas Nord “Voices” (Cosmos)

Effortlessly soulful earworm from the Swedish dude and occasional Tove Lo collaborator

Arthur Russell “This Is How We Walk On the Moon” (Point)

Beautiful widescreen cello-powered splendour from 1994’s posthumous “Another Thought” album. Those Russell collections keep on coming: there’s a new album called “Corn” on the way featuring songs recorded between 1982 and 1983

Young Wonder “Enchanted” (Feel Good Lost)

A tune full of bright, low-key wow and awe from the duo’s forthcoming debut album “Birth”

The Montgomery Express “Montgomery Movement” (Dove)

Funky 1973 gem from two blind vocalists and their groove machine from Indiantown, Florida.

Will Butler “Policy” (Merge)

Impressive debut solo album from one of the lanky lads from Arcade Fire skips merrily and raucously through a whole rake of pop styles.

Public Enemy “Fear of a Black Planet” (Def Jam)

25 years on from its release, Public Enemy’s third album still packs a hell of a punch and a lot of power. Even in an era when acts like D’Angelo and Kendrick Lamar are addressing the black American experience, Chuck D’s fierce, angry, righteous polemic and the intensity of the Bomb Squad at their finest makes for a thrilling, tough, unforgettable record.

Little Xs for Eyes “Everywhere Else” (Self release)

Second album from the Dublin band catches them flexing some new musical muscles with a set of tunes which bring fresh influences and darker notes into the flow.

Holly Herndon “Platform” (4AD)

The adventurous second album from the well travelled Tennessee native is full of strong, imaginative new thinking and fascinating experimental songwriting. “Chorus” from the album below

George Fitzgerald “Fading Love” (Double Six)

Moody, warm, electronic pulses full of bittersweet emotion and downbeat, woozy soul.