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New Music – Wilsen, Ultimate Painting, MIYNT

New arrivals from Brooklyn, London and Stockholm


Thu, Apr 9, 2015, 14:00


Every week, we highlight a couple of new acts from around the globe. Please feel free to share tips below or check out all past New Music selections here.


Tamsin Wilson is a Londoner who joined forces with songwriters and producers Johnny Simon Jr and Drew Arndt at Berklee’s College of Music in Boston before the trio set up shop in Brooklyn. Their releases to date – the “Sirens” mini-album and the “Magnolia” EP – are chockablock with fragile, melancholic dream-pop and tender emotional tunes like “Go Try” below and also “Garden” from their due-in-20015 debut album

Ultimate Painting

London dudes Jack Cooper and James Hoare have previous form with Mazes and Veronica Falls respectively so you could expect some smarts from their pairing as Ultimate Painting. Their self-titled debut album is a brilliant set of finely-tuned songs which proudly wears its influences (from the Velvet Undergound to The Chills) on its sleeve. The guitars jangle and chime, the harmonies coo and swing and the moods are swell and languid.


MIYNT hail (or hails) from Stockholm and debut track “Nick Drake” is one of those humdingers which makes you want to know a lot more about the act in question. It’s got an epic thump, a superbly wonky groove and the kind of exciting pulse which hints that those behind the scene really know what they’re doing. MIYNT may well be the flavour of the coming season.