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What’s the story with the Irish pub?

Given all the recent hubbub about new arrivals and competition, a Banter discussion on the current state of the Irish pub

Thu, Mar 5, 2015, 08:59


You don’t need us to tell you about changes to the Irish pub over the last few years. Between new arrivals coming in from across the water, competition from off-licences and changes in public behaviour and social trends when it comes to drinking, the Irish pub sector has probably seen more change of late than it’s ever done before.

Banter is linking up with The Locals and Discotekken for a special event about the Irish pub on Easter Sunday, 48 hours after the day when prohibition rules the roost across the country.

Banter’s contribution to the event is a where-we-are-and-where-we’re-going discussion about publand featuring a number of Irish publicans, namely Tony McMahon (owner of Johnnie Fox’s), Trevor O’Shea (Bodytonic, the Bernard Shaw, The Twisted Pepper, MVP, The Back Page and The Yacht), Seáneen Sullivan (L Mulligan Grocer) and Oliver Hughes (CEO the Portherhouse Group and founder of the Dingle Distillery).

Aside from the Banter discussion, the event will also feature a screening of The Irish Pub documentary, produced and directed by Alex Fegan, and a performance from Ensemble Eriu.

It all takes place at the Sugar Club (Lower Leeson St., Dublin 2) on Sunday April 5 from 7pm and tickets are available here.