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From the paper: welcome to Avicii country

“A crude slasher flick of awfulness with gore and guts oozing from every crevice”

Vad fan är det här för skit?

Tue, Feb 3, 2015, 13:59


Full credit to John Lane for the headline on this piece about Avicii from the paper. It was prompted by hearing “The Nights” on BBC Radio One the other day and going “what in the name of all that is good and holy is THAT?”. It’s a tribute to Avicii that “what the hell is THAT?” can work for bad as well as good music.

As with the theatre piece, people are not happy which always means you’re doing your job right. There has been much fuming in all the usual spots, especially from Avicii fans (Zach in the comments beneath the piece is our hero of the week). Of course, some people used the piece to make a few ad hominem attacks on the writer. Like this…


For the record, I celebrated my 57th birthday last week in the Berghain basement and I fully intend to be writing about “the likes of Avicii” for some time to come. Sorry about that Shero