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Who let the dogs out? Pitbull’s in the money

Like so many other rappers, the most ubiquitous pop star in the game is also taking care of business

Show me the money: PItbull's look at the bottom line

Fri, Aug 8, 2014, 11:57


You know Pitbull as the most ubiquitous pop star in the business. Aside from his own run of releases, he’s the rapper who has turned up on about 50 different singles in the last few years with acts like Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Enrique Inglesias, Michael Jackson and many more. If you’re after a lad to rap in English or Spanish on your tune and make it a bit of a whopper, the vibe seems to be that you call Pitbull.

It now seems that the man born Armando Pérez (known as Pit to his mates) has been wheeling and dealing like the wolf of Wall Street with all those featured artists fees.

There’s a fascinating profile of him in Businessweek where he goes though his portfolio of investments and endorsements. The dollars which come in from his music and those ads for beer, soft drinks and cars are used to fund the Miami Subs Grill restaurant chain, a water filtration system called EcoloBlue and the Voli low-calorie vodka brand.

As the reporter notes, Pitbull is now “thinking about things other than partying, studio time and ladies” given the interest companies are shown in attaching themselves to his brand.

It’s easy to see why corporates want a bit of the Pitbull panache. Like so many rappers who’ve done the crossover from the streets to the boardroom like 50 Cent and Jay-Z, Pérez can appeal to a fanbase which many brands are finding it very hard to attract. By paying Pit a wad of cash, they get that access and don’t even have to listen to him rapping.

Sadly, though, the financial success of Pitbull and others means more and more rappers will be coming into the game thinking about their portfolio and business acumen rather than their flow. The old school has never felt so far away.