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Kanye West at UCC, Do the Right Thing at 25, Arena streaming service, God Knows & MynameisJohn, Michael Bay, anonymous apps, crossword puzzles, David Byrne etc

An abandoned mall. Photo: Seph Lawless from Black Friday

Mon, Jul 14, 2014, 09:30


Yeezy goes to UCC: the Sir Henry’s exhibition is not the only thing happening on the UCC campus of interest to OTR readers. The International Association for the Study of Popular Music will be holding their biennial meeting in UCC from September 12 to 14. Loads of keynotes and sessions incuding (cue Ye) Professor Lori Burns and Dr Alyssa Woods from the University of Ottawa on “Socially significant sampling: Kanye West’s strategic lyrical and musical interventions”. We’re there, baby.

The science of listicles

Graphic of the day: every Prince hairstyle from 1978 to 2013 as drawn by Gary Card

Why Professor Green is putting the brakes on Twitter. That said, he’s still tweeting away like a news reporter covering the G**** B***** story.

The death of the malls: good piece by James Grieff on fundamental changes in the American retailing experience. Bonus: check out Black Friday, the book by Seph Lawless documenting a rake of abandoned shopping centres.

Mookie and Buggin’ Out ride again: Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing at 25

Excellent portrait of songwriters Bill Callahan, Dan Bejar, Cass McCombs and Will Oldham

We profiled Ryn Weaver in New Music the other week – here’s a look at how Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos, Charli XCX, Cashmere Cat and super-producer Benny Blanco came together to work on Weaver’s fantastic “OctaHate”

Analysis of newbie streaming service Arena’s interesting business model

You really need to hear this album, bud

Latest in the-death-of-the-album meme: playlists will be the new album, sez BBC Radio One Head of Music George Ergatoudis. We refer you to the artists. Again.

Inside Quirky, the ace incubator for inventions, gadgets and thingymajigs

How the sharing economy is going to shake out per Airbnb boss.

Oral history dept: Transformers’ director and explosives’ fan Michael Bay gets the indepth treatment

EDM, it’s still around: good round-up of what was what and who was who at the recent EDMBiz Conference in Las Vegas

Whisper, Secret, Yik Yak: your guide to anonymous apps

7 across, state of awesomeness: meet Anna Shechtman, the new-school wordsmith bringing an edge to New York Times’ crossword puzzles

Stop obsessing over your RTs and faves and likes already

Film script of the week: per his obituary, Count Suckle, the Jamaican DJ and London club owner, had some life.

Hip-hop history lessons: today’s subjects are Rakim, Pete Rock and Q-Tip

David Byrne talks, you listen. Life, music, design, the web and all that jazz. Interview by Ben Sisario at the Luminato Festival in Toronto