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The best in music and movies from The Ticket in The Irish Times. Yeah, yeah, yeah

Willa Lee, James Costello and Eric Dowling from Broken Song

Fri, Nov 8, 2013, 07:52


The Beatles: 50 years after the fab four played their only Irish gigs, the Ticket goes moptop crazy. Conor Deasy of The Gandhis and Wayne Farrell of The Ikonics rehash the Lennon or McCartney debate, Catherine Hansard takes about climbing in a back window of the Adelphi in 1963 to see the band and Rod Davis from The Quarrymen on John Lennon.

Broken Song: Claire Dix talks about her documentary about hip hop in Dublin

Robbie Williams: “like a sad uncle at a Christmas party, Robbie Williams and his ghosts of pop-dreams past offer a disturbing glimpse of the future”

How to Survive a Plague: Aids activist Peter Staley on his role in David France’s fiery, Oscar-nominated chronicle of the earliest years of the epidemic

Alasdair Roberts: on making songs for now inspired by the Scottish landscape and Irish sean-nós singing

Plus CD reviews (including The Killers, Daniel Avery, Icona Pop, Robbie Williams Nickelback, Tinie Tempah, Donna Summer, Emily Jane White, “Gravity OST”, Francesco Turrisi, Aaron Parks, Ensemble Ériu, Delbert & Glen etc), film reviews (The Broken Circle Breakdown, Gravity, Nosferatu, For Those In Peril, Village at the End of the World), games, apps, listings, movie quiz, news and much, much more.

That’s your winning Ticket in The Irish Times today in print, online and the best of The Ticket on the app.

Banter plug: a conversation with Alan McGee, the man who co-founded the formidable and peerless Creation Records’ label, about his colourful and quite ace autobiography “Creation Stories: Riots, Raves and Running a Label” takes place at the Twisted Peper (Middle Abbey St., Dublin 1) on Tuesday next November 12. Doors open at 6pm, the conversation gets underway at 6.30pm, admission is free and you can sign-up for the event here.

The OTR plugs service is now open for business. Please feel free to plug and recommend stuff away to your heart’s content, but remember some simple rules: (a) declare an interest where one should be declared, (b) plugs are accepted on the whim of OTR and may be edited for length/clarity/common sense and (c) plugs which mention a commercial sponsor are really ads and will probably not be published in this slot. Those dastardly end-of-year lists are being compiled at this very moment.