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All change at Hard Working Class Heroes Convention 2013

New venue, themes, formats and ideas at the annual Irish music showcase’s convention offshoot

Are you a hard working class hero?

Mon, Sep 9, 2013, 12:12


You already know about the bands playing the Hard Working Class Heroes festival in Dublin from October 3 to 5 – here’s the full list and here’s 10 tips from OTR – and now comes news of HWCH Convention, the talking shop side of the weekend.

In years gone by, this has been a relatively small affair, but that’s all changed in 2013. For a start, the number of panels, talks and workshops have quadrupled in size. There’s also a bigger digital component to the weekend (because it’s all about digital in 2013 if you want to make some scratch from recorded music) and a much bigger emphasis on what artists want to and should know (the Arists Talk Back panel on Saturday afternoon which could be very interesting in this regard).

The biggest change, though, is a change of address. All the HWCH Convention talks, panels, workshops, conversations, duets, solos, sessions and heated rows will take place at the National Digital Resource Centre (NDRC) on Crane Street in the heart of the Liberties, a stone’s throw from Vicar Street and the National College of Art & Design.

The full convention schedule is here, including panels on the philosophy of being in a band, workshops on making your own guitar pedals and conversations about engineering.

As always, admission to all HWCH Convention events is free, though some workshops may require advance booking and you should check the website for details about this.

(DOI: I will be chairing some of the discussions over the weekend and have been involved in the programming side of the HWCH Convention since 2009)