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All the young dudes: Arctic Monkeys scrub up well

Fri, Sep 6, 2013, 07:46


Arctic Monkeys: as the band release their fifth album “AM”, we catch up with Alex Turner at the Electric Picnic to hear where his head is at.

Macklemore: there’s more to the Seattle rapper than a fondness for secondhand clothes

Any Day Now: Alan Cumming on how finds time to appear in flicks inbetween doing solo Macbeth on Broadway, penning op-eds for the Wall Street Journal, writing a book about circumcision, curating a photography exhibition and doing a spot of equality activisim.

Ain’t them Bodies Saints: David Lowery on making a Western – of sorts

Mark Lanegan: Q&A with the sometime Queens of the Stone Age, Gutter Twins and Screaming Trees vocalist as he releases his eighth solo album, a collection of covers of songs associated with Hall & Oates, Frank Sinatra and Nick Cave.

Soundgarden: Q&A with bassist Ben Shepherd

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The OTR plugs service is now open for business. Please feel free to plug and recommend stuff away to your heart’s content, but remember some simple rules: (a) declare an interest where one should be declared, (b) plugs are accepted on the whim of OTR and may be edited for length/clarity/common sense and (c) plugs which mention a commercial sponsor are really ads and will probably not be published in this slot. Feck it, we’re going with Clare