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Hip-hop photos, Marlay Park, hurling, bottled water, Alphonso mangos, Black Flag, Circa, Rick Rubin, TV sports commentators and much more

The Cold Crush Brothers at Harlem World. Photo by Joe Conzo from Born In the Bronx

Tue, Jun 25, 2013, 09:17


Great piece from the weekend by Keith Duggan about volume control and US sports’ commentators, plus some beautifully written colour about the Heat/Spurs showdown. There are a few GAA commentators I must start turning the volume down on when they appear – TV3 dude with the cliches and Marty Morrissey, we’re looking at the pair of you.

Speaking of the hurling season (and apologies to the Cavan football fans in the audience at this juncture), you have to wonder if Dublin left a historic win behind them in Portlaoise on Sunday. Will they ever get as good a chance to beat the Cats again? That’s the second uninspiring, dull, insipid, half-hooped showing from Cody’s men so far this season and that hasn’t happened in a while. Still, they’re still in it so we’re expecting much talk amongst the exclusive OTR hurling circle from Dubs about “moral victories” and all of that. Meanwhile, down south, Cork powered past a lacklustre, awful Clare – the dog who photobombed the post-match analysis would have come up with better tactics than the Clare bainisteoir – and now face Limerick in the final in a few weeks. Word has it that Limerick are still celebrating beating Tipp a fortnight ago – they usually win one match against us every few years and it does them instead of an All-Ireland – so hopefully, they can cop themselves on over the next few weeks and actually give Cork a game. Tipp, on the other hand, are revving up and making hang sandwiches for the scenic route.

So what’s going on in Marlay Park? Since OTR broke the story about MCD’s application for shows in the SoCoDu park on August 3 and 4, it’s all quiet on the Park Road front. While the promoter has denied to those reporters that they actually bother to talk to that they’re moving Oxegen, our Ticketmaster sources indicate that ticket sales continue to be abysmal for that festival and the recent announcement of €49 day tickets hasn’t helped matters much in that regard. There has been unfounded rumours about The Stone Roses for those Marlay Park dates, but would you really need an event with three stages if they were the headliners? And could you really put together a three-stage, two-day fest with about five weeks’ notice? The story rumbles on.

Hip-hop snappers: great interview with George Dubose about his I Speak Music series, plus some amazing photos from Joe Conzo’s new Born in the Bronx book.

For the gastrosexuals in the audience: the Alphonso mango season is coming to a close right now so get your nibs on those golden, gooey, sweet beauties ASAP. Available from various Asian supermarkets near you.

Also for the gastrosexuals roaming the aisles in Fallon & Byrne looking for white asparagus: a short history of bottled water

Why Rick Rubin is the most interesting man in the world. Pity the writer didn’t also include Rubin’s idea from that New York Times’ profile to set up a word-of-mouth department. Wonder how that one went?

The Art of Punk from MOCAtv, Los Angeles’ Museum of Contemporary Art’s TV channel, on Black Flag and Raymond Pettibon, who designed the band’s seminal logo

From the HR department: why it’s so hard to hire great people (we think it’s because great people are just not for hire, but that’s probably just us)

If you haven’t done so already, say hello to brand spanking new news app Circa. Frederic Filloux from The Monday Note does some slicing and dicing.

Longread of the day: Frank Owen on the last days of Run DMC’s Jam Master Jay

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James Gandolfini RIP: Slate pay tribute to the late actor and Tony Soprano with links to a couple of great longreads.