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The Wednesday wrap

Making money from “Whoomp! (There It Is)”, Freeway Rick, David Simon, underground bunkers, the Red Bull Music Academy, live concert bootlegs, Phish, the birth of rock criticism and much more

The secret bunkers: inside the Regierungsbunker outside Bonn

Wed, Jun 12, 2013, 09:42


It may be a streaming world but that doesn’t mean that everyone is happy with millions of tune available a click away. Hands up if you’re making out like Sophie Heawood and regretting throwing away all your CDs.

Yeezus! Kanye West talks to the New York Times

Don’t knock the one-hit wonders: The Tag Team are still coining around $500,000 a year from “Whoomp! There It Is”.

Superb longread by Jesse Katz for Los Angeles magazine about the life and times of crack dealer Freeway Rick AKA the real Rick Ross.

Alec Baldwin v David Simon: it’s a good ‘un

Wright Thompson goes on the road with Italian racist football hooligans.

How long until some rapper drops some lines about Prism? Here’s an interesting nugget about the FBI’s COINTELPRO and hip-hop surveillance.

What Russian car dash cameras are capturing and why

How Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan saved country music.

Going underground: the secret world of underground bunkers including the Burlington Cold War City, the Greenbrier and the Cheyenne Mountain nuclear bunker.

PV Nova plots “Get Lucky” through the ages

The Red Bull Music Academy is definitely one of the smartest brand buzzes we’ve come across in quite some time. Here’s my piece on this year’s New York installment from a recent edition of The Ticket and here are five lessons the marketing geeks in the audience can learn from the RBMA’s exploits.

One for anyone who ever bought a live tape from a lad on O’Connell Bridge: how technology is changing live concert bootlegging

Gigonomics (1): inside Phish’s business department. How the band who’ve never had a Top 10 album or hit radio song have managed to made over a quater of a billion – billion – dollars in ticket sales in the last 30 years.

The agent speaks: indepth interview with The Agency’s boss Barry Dickins.

Bet there’s a lot of mobile operators who’d like other governments to copy Saudi Arabai’s decision to ban Viber

We’re starting to compile a list of other music industry big cheeses who should do a Reddit AMA in the wake of big-ass band management company Q Prime’s recent experience.

Devon Powers talks about her new book Writing the Record: The Village Voice and the Birth of Rock Criticism and how Voice writers Richard Goldstein and Robert Christgau helped create rock journalism

Career advice for anyone in the IFSC looking for a new gig: here’s the man who gave up selling stocks and shares to throw raves and sell drugs.

An obituary for a record store: Spin spends some time at Bleeker Bobs before it shut its doors for good.

10 technologies which may break through in 2013.

Why the music industry should spend some time listening to music fans rather than pushing stuff at them all the time.

Gigonomics (2): why Kid Rock is bucking a trend and reducing the price of his concert tickets.