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Lets start with what will probably be the news story of the week – the new Radiohead album is called “In Rainbows” and you can only get your hands on it via this website. It will be available as a …

Mon, Oct 1, 2007, 01:07


Lets start with what will probably be the news story of the week – the new Radiohead album is called “In Rainbows” and you can only get your hands on it via this website. It will be available as a download from October 10 (you can even choose how much you want to pay for it – if it’s worth just one cent to you, pay one cent) or you can wait for the swanky box-set (complete with CDs, vinyl, hardback books, slipcase and what look like a couple of hairs from Thom Yorke’s head) which ships from December 3. There’s no record label involved as far as I can see, so this really is a new-school record industry business model. The copycatting will be only fierce.

Hey, lets all go to Sligo! The Model Arts & Niland Gallery are in Andy Warhol mode for the next few months (or should that be 15 minutes?) with the Eternal Now exhibition based on work produced by the artist at The Factory from 1963 to 1968. Besides various talks and film screenings, the music performance element of exhibition is pretty cool with shows by Dan Deacon (December 1 – two other Irish dates to be announced), Si Schroeder with the excellent Cap Pas Cap (December 8th) and – great news altogether – an Irish exclusive from the magnificent Max Richter (October 18).

Is this the moment when minimal goes mainstream? Or will that be when Villalobos hits Hollywood? No doubt Minimal Boy will tell us in due course.

Synthpop pioneer – by the by, whatever did happen to Howard Jones? – Thomas Dolby plays Dublin’s Whelan’s on October 11. We saw him at SXSW earlier in the year and it was, uhm, ah, er, interesting. Support from Neosupervital and Black Affair, AKA former Beta Band-er Steve Mason (whose former colleagues The Aliens play Dublin’s Crawdaddy on October 20 with support from the majestic Super Extra Bonus Party).

2FM in new band shocka! And they’re all Irish too! Japes! We talk of the 2fm 2moro 2our, the latest installment of which features David Geraghty, Ham Sandwich and Concerto for Constantine (an Irish indie “supergroup” featuring ex-JJ72-er Mark Greaney, ex-Turn-er Gavin Fox and ex-Frame/Bell X1-er Binzer). Tickets are free for the the various shows up and down the country from November 15 to 25 and you can get your hands on them here. The bands will be accompanied by various 2FM jocks but, unfortunately for the plain people of Ireland, Gerry Ryan, John Clarke and the two lads who do the breakfast show that most people in the country don’t listen to will probably not be on the tour. Boo!

Speaking of that other Liverpool FC fan with the initials JC… The 2FM big brains will be speaking at one of the Music Ireland seminar yokes next weekend at Dublin’s RDS. John Clarke will be talking about radio playlists and their impact on Irish acts alongside Steve Wall (The Walls), Kieran McGeary (big cheese at Cork’s 96FM/103FM) and Louis Walsh (do we need to put anything in brackets after Lucifer’s name? I don’t think so).

We’re big fans of Eoghan O’Neill’s Promenade blog over on Cluas. As he has shown on various visits here (see comment number 5 which Thom Yorke obviously noted when he was reading On The Record that day) and particularly on his own blog, Eoghan’s a bit of a forensic Columbo when it comes to making very smart points about music, media and technology (and we’re not saying this because of his latest post, aiight?)

So then Hard Working Class Hero worshippers, how was it for you? For those who weren’t there, Lili has the pics and we will hopefully have the words from you lot to go with them. So what did I miss much when I was hanging out in MTL speaking really bad French and catching live shows from Beirut, Bat For Lashes, Colleen and The Brunettes (all the local bands, as feared, are cooling their jets for next weekend’s Pop Montreal)? What HWCH bands rocked your world? Did the idea of having all the HWCH gigs in just one location make or break your weekend? You know what to do – type to Jim.

And I guess this photo means we’re free of the oval ball boys again for a while. Hurrah.