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The wrap is happy to see the end of January

Including Wiley, closed down venues, terrible wifi, letters to the White House, Adidas, how animals find their way around, bottled water, the Black List etc

A night at the Palladium. Photo: Roberta Bayley/Redferns

Tue, Jan 31, 2017, 09:27


(1) It’s on mornings like this one that you really miss him, especially when you read pieces like this. Wonder what the letters arriving into the White House these days are saying?

(2) What happens to iconic music venues when the music stops? Fascinating piece about what fabled New York venues like Max’s Kansas City, Fillmore East and the Palladium look like now. There’s also a piece here about the current lives of various London venues like the Astoria, Turnmills and 12 Bar Club. Perhaps it’s time to do something similar with Dublin’s former live music haunts like the TV Club, SFX, Underground, Funnel and New Inn.

(3) Behavioural neuroscience dept: how animals navigate their way around their surroundings provides clues to how the brain forms, stores and retrieves memories. “Maps are for humans, but how do animals, which began navigating millions of years before parchment was invented, manage to find their way around? Do animal (and human) brains contain a map, and if so does it have islands and capes, North Poles and Equators, reference lines and so on? And if they do, where is it, and how does it work?”

(4) On the occasion of his 11th album, a long read on grime godfather Wiley. And here’s the album to boot

(5) How Comcast aim to kill terrible wifi for good

(6) The business of bottled water: how did a substance that falls from the air, springs from the earth and comes out of your tap become a hyperactive multibillion-dollar business?

(7) Profile of Paul Gaudio, Adidas’s creative director who made the brand cool again. “Two years after pulling itself back from the brink of irrelevance, Adidas looks, acts, and earns like a different company. And after decades in Nike’s shadow, it’s evolved into the savviest sponsor of the fabulous future of gym clothes, thanks to a product roadmap that leans into sportswear’s burgeoning role as the default uniform for life.

(8) The evolution of hip-hop’s mixtape culture: how the mixtape survived changes in fortunes and consumer tastes. Bonus track: DJ Semtex on the history of the mixtape from cassette to CD to zip file to streamed playlist.

(9) The list everyone in Hollywood wants to be on: the growth in influence of the Black List, Franklin Leonard’s anonymous survey, which has launched careers, recognized four of the past eight Best Picture winners and persuased some movie studio execs to think beyond sequels and action flicks.

(10) War and food: “humans are bound to food by necessity first, and then by choice. The types of food you eat distinguish your country from another country, your group from another group. When new influences come—whether from conquest or colonial exploration or the popularity of a TV cooking show—there is a period of adaptation, and then often the full incorporation of a new technique or ingredient into the country’s culinary lexicon.”