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Laurie Anderson’s Dublin residency

Three nights on Earlsfort Terrace for the innovative composer

Dublin taxi driver fan Laurie Anderson

Mon, Jul 18, 2016, 09:59


Dublin’s National Concert Hall’s run of interesting projects and eye-catching events continues into 2017 with a visit from Laurie Anderson. The “O Superman” composer and one-time NASA artist-in-residence will be in situ at the venue next May as part of the Perspectives’ series to “create and debut” three new performances as part of her ongoing project The Language of The Future.

“Being at least a quarter Irish – and who really knows how much more? – I have always felt at home in Dublin”, says Anderson. “It’s the only city I know where everyone uses the language as an art form. And I mean starting with the taxi driver who picks you up at the airport. We begin the language dance. The put on, the shaggy dog, the put upon. Heaven.”

Anderson will perform at the NCH on May 13, 14 and 15. Tickets are €35 and €30 for one performance, €63 for two shows and €84 for all three.

The venue’s Perspectives series will also feature shows from the Wayne Shorter Quartet (November 22) and Chris Thile (March 21).