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Rock'n'roll trucks. Illustration: Marc Pearson http://marcpearson.tumblr.com

Mon, Apr 25, 2016, 09:47


(1) Beyonce is not the only one who has used a pop track to have a pop at her man, as she seems to have done on her album “Lemonade”. Here’s a list of 23 tracks which throw shade.

(2) Can you hear that? I remember thinking I was losing it when I kept hearing a bizarre hum in our house for a couple of months that no-one else could hear before the sound disappeared as abruptly as it appeared. Turns out I wasn’t alone: “there are many things we know the Hum is not, but few things we actually know it is.” Colin Dickey examines the mysterious noise heard in many places around the world.

(3) As we’ve noted here before, Dublin Inquirer is one of the best magazines about life in the capital city, picking up the slack in the sector by covering the social, economic and political action as well as the arts, culture and food stuff that everyone else concentrates on. The title is now available as a monthly print publication: you can subscribe or you can pick up a copy from its kiosks in these locations.

(4) More media: we’ve become fans of Next Draft over the last few months, Dave Pell’s daily round-up of the news that matters. It’s short (10 stories only), snappy (dude writes with elan and economy) and covers a wide beat. For instance, we found this fantastic piece from ProPublica’s Visual Evidence series about our brains are fooled by changes in visual perception.

(5) As we saw over the weekend, it seems everyone has a Prince story, but Questlove trumps most of ‘em

(6) Keep on trucking: “I woke up driving an eighteen-wheeler 60 miles per hour through a field east of Amarillo, Texas”: Robert Langellier recalls a year spent driving trucks up and down America’s highways. Overnight deadheading: April Siese looks at the logistics behind moving rock bands from one city to the next.

(7) One for the all the Game of Thrones fans in the audience (yep, they’re out there): why it’s time to stop raging and fuming about spoilers. “The rise of spoiler culture says less about the ways in which media consumption is changing than it does about the ways in which we, as a society, are engaging with popular culture – on an ever more simplistic level. Aren’t we all taking this just a bit too seriously?”

(8) “There is a sense when you’re in Cork that the rest of the world is receding.” Kevin Barry’s supberb essay on his years in Cork from the latest issue of Granta magazine devoted to new Irish writing

(9) The pension plan: how a bunch of old-school cons put together and pulled off the Great Hatton Garden heist of 2015, where millions in cash and jewels were taken from an underground vault in London’s diamond district

(10) Another pop star obituary: Papa Wemba RIP. The colourful Congolese rumba star collapsed and died at the weekend while performing onstage at the Femua festival in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.